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Found 9 results

  1. Hello

    Hola senoritos and senoritas! How's everyone doing?
  2. Hey everyone

    Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Courtney and I'am 26. I have been waiting for marriage my whole life due to religious reasons. I havent really told people except guys I have dated and it has been a constant issue but I'am staying strong. Hope everyone has a good day.
  3. Hello everyone! Having been previously passive, I realized it may be high time for me to start looking for the girl in my life, and I'm really glad I found this site! I have always wanted to save that "special moment" for a special someone-whom-I-havent-met-yet. Not just because of religion, although I am christian, but to create the best chances for a lasting relationship. Apparently general population doesn't think that way. At least not here in Denmark. For a while it seemed like I was nearly alone for thinking like this(waiting), and my chances were next to none to find someone who was also waiting. But just seeing this site is a huge encouragement! Every comment is either a comfort or words of wisdom. Having read a lot already, I am filled with renewed hope that this is not at all impossible. You guys rock! A little introduction of myself: My name is Peter Jacob, (but calling me just Peter, "PJ" or Jacob is all fine! ) I'm currently studying to become Mechanical Engineer at Aalborg University in Denmark. The study takes most of my time, but when not studying, I enjoy relaxing through video-games, watching movies, doing something creative, going to church or sometimes reading books. I love being creative, making all things from robots to video-games to chainmaille. I consider it all hobbies! But sadly, spare time feels like a depleting resource in these days, and I never get done as many of my hobbies as I'd like. Feel free to ask me anything.
  4. Greetings!

    Well, where has this site been all my life?! Name's Caroline; but you can call me whatever you like (within reason). Born and raised in the UK, and have successfully notched up 23 places on my age-defining belt. Naturally, I've decided to wait. Plenty of reasons in favour of doing just that, so I decided to roll with 'em. I look forward to meeting lots of like-minded individuals, and to (hopefully) forming many great friendships!
  5. Swedish girl joining

    Hi everyone (mostly on the other side of the world...) Just wanted to say hi and at the same time inform that there are people everywhere thinking about this question/decision. I travel a lot and wherever I go I always hear that swedes are supposed to be tall, blond, sexy and hang around naked on the beach... I have no idea where or from whom this prejudice originated but I'm tired of being put in a box with the word easy on it. For me there is not only the pressure of society regarding waiting but also the pressure of being "swedish" in the eyes of many people and it's not the most easiest thing to handle. I've become a member on this site to take part in forums and interesting topics, and of course it's always nice to get to know new people as well! If you want to know more about me or if you are interested in swedish society/culture you just have to ask! Kind regards, Louise
  6. Hi im Jon im 19 (soon to be 20 on the 6th of January) and from the South of England. Im looking to meet likeminded people that share the same views and morals as i do and yes i am a waiter! Please add me here or on facebook if you want to be friends or family in faith!!/jon.windridge
  7. New member intro./Aloha!

    Hello, I just joined, & want to introduce myself. When I was in my early 20's I wasn't sure I wanted to get married when I would/will meet my soulmate. I thought we would be in a loving, committed monogamous, ever lasting relationship -without being officially married. Living in an area when I was 24 where most people of different ages had sex with practically everyone else in the community made me want to be more conservative. I also decided after experiencing living in that area that I wanted to be married when I did/do meet my soulmate. I grew up in a very loving home-my wonderful, loving parents adopted me from Mexico as a baby. I then grew up in Northern California in the foothills. I am still spiritual, although not apart of the religion I grew up with. I am still very close friends with people in the church I was raised in, & am grateful my friends & family that are active in the church love me for me & treat me with nothing other than respect & love! A couple years ago, I was blessed to have achieved living where I've dreamed of living my whole life! I live by the warm ocean waters of Hawaii! I have waited to attract my beloved life partner, as I have wanted to do a lot of inner work on myself & become the kind of person I want to be for me & for the kind of person I want to attract to be my beloved partner & husband.
  8. Hi, everyone! *waves*

    Hi, guys! Evanescent_Beauty here! I'm a 24-year-old female grad student living in Boulder, CO (originally from Illinois) and hoping to meet some great people here! If you're wondering about my avatar, it's a picture of nightshade, which is sort of my totem flower. I found this site thanks to a friend. I decided to wait till marriage officially about a year ago because of some really bad past relationships. It seems that the heartache would have just been worse at the breakup if those relationships had included a physical component. Also, waiting seems to be a great gift for my future husband, and it's also known to be spiritually beneficial. It'll be nice getting to know y'all and it's great to know none of us are alone in our choice.