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Found 7 results

  1. Just curious, but how many of your parents or family members know that you are a virgin or WTM? I'm not sure if this question has been asked before and I certainly don't feel like going through pages of topics just to find it. But I was curious how many of you have freely told your parents/family members about your decision to wait? Me personally, I have never told anyone outside maybe a handful of people that I'm a virgin. No one in my family knows either. I was kind of ashamed of it when I was younger due to peer pressure, but as I got older I realized that the only power people will ever have over me, is that which I give them. That being said, I still have a really hard time being around family when everyone is either married or has children. Sometimes I feel pressured by my family to have children and settle down. I feel like if I told them they would look at me funny, maybe even differently from now on. And I feel awkward enough as it is whenever they ask me if i'm dating anyone or when am I going to bring a girl home to meet them? I don't even want to imagine my parents trying to explain the 'birds and bees' to me at the age of 29. I guess in a way I would kind of feel like a disappointment to them, which I know isn't true. I was just wondering if anyone else felt this way or similarly. And to those of you who have told family members about your decision to wait, how did you do so? And what were their reactions when you told them? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jorge
  2. Hi there everyone I hope you are all keeping well and are willing to share your experiences to the above question. The question to what your family members and friends think about your decision to WTM has been on my mind for some time, so I finally thought I would ask it. When answering, could you tell me and people who are reading this thread if you're from a religious background; whether your parents were waiters; whether your siblings or friends are waiters; whether in the environment around you, waiting is quite normal; what your family's and friends' reactions were when you told them; are family members and friends supportive/understanding? ... And anything else you can think of! I think it would be very interesting to learn about other people's experiences with this.
  3. Meet Up?

    Has anyone else thought it would be kinda cool to have some local or national meet up? Like a social event. I went to a Japanese Japanese/English meet up once in London and met some cool Japanese people and got to practice my language skills it was just in this pub. I think a WTM meet up would be cool not only to make like minded friends but Maybe more. I mean some people suggest that waiter's look for potential waiting/virgin partners at religious events and churches etc but obviously not all of us are religious. Then there are some dating sites like e harmony and pof that organise singles nights but I'm sure I'm not the only one worried that most people at those are looking for sex or at least expecting more intimacy then perhaps the average WTMer is looking for. Plus no one believes/understands on those sites when you say you want to make friends I think knowing that the others at a meet up were WTM I'd be more relaxed then at some dating singles party. Anyone else? I just think could be a good social experience
  4. New guy

    Hi I am a 26 year old guy from India. Nice to see a website which encourages waiting before marriage (I am a waiter myself). I am old-fashioned when it comes to love and relationships. Well that, and the notion of integrity which my parents emphasised during my adolescence. I have dated both waiter and non-waiter - the latter being a girl who was a childhood friend. Dating opportunities have been infrequent for the last 2 years. Good to be here on this website.
  5. Hello again everybody! I just wanted to know if you have support in your decision? Does everybody know where you stand on the topic of premarital sex? For me, my parents don't really care either way, as long as we're 'safe'. Phillip's parents believe in waiting though, and they like/respect that we are planning on waiting. They've been a good support team that we can look to for guidance. None of my co-workers really know, and my friends don't really ask about those things. What about you guys?
  6. When my group of friends talk about God and religion, I get really sad. They are all atheists, with the exception of one guy, who's also in my class. Some of them, believe there is a God, or something of greater power, but obviously don't live a very religious lifestyle (especially with what they talk about (sex, religion, etc)). Lately they were having a discussion about religion, and were joking about having a religion involving Star Wars, which I found quite amusing to listen to (I am quite good at tuning out of their anti-Christianity stuff), but anyway, they started talking about hell. Then this really lively and feisty discussion started about going to hell, and how they don't care about going to hell, because they'll 'rule the place' and they think it's going to be amazing and etc etc. In principal, I don't mind dealing with things like that, but they just kept going on and on and on, and eventually I got so pissed/sad that I was on the verge of crying, until I sought out that one Christian guy from the class, who eventually calmed me down. I don't know what to do? I love my friends a lot, and they usually aren't 'bad' people, they don't usually get drunk, none of them smoke/do drugs, and we're all very respectful towards one another. Just lately, they've been talking about alcohol and religion a lot, and even though they're not directly 'attacking' my opinion, I always feel very alone in this, and sad. And help/tips? Thanks!
  7. Unwanted guests

    So my sister has a friend that comes over and stays the night...which is fine but now she stays for 5 to 6 nights out of the week she practically lives here (she has a crappy home life). She talks so much and so loud all the time and she's so rude I just want to give her one good uppercut. She spills things and leaves them and I have to yell at her to pick them up btw she's 20 years old. I thankfully am moving out by the end of the month but I cant stand her being over so often and when I cook dinner (meant for me and my sister ONLY!) she always has something to say "ew! yuck I dont want that!" Im not buying food and cooking for 3! Im fed up with her eating our food (I pay for) and my sister drives her around for free, my sister is too nice to tell her to stop coming so often because they are best friends. Im ranting but I also need advice on how I should deal with this situation. tonight Im cooking a big meal so that my sister can have left overs for school through out the week but since she's here there will be less leftovers... Im tired of it. I dont want her to eat our food tonight (selfish?) but I dont want to be rude exclude her uggh!! Help me what would you do?