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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Girlzz I'm 25 and my younger sis is 21 . It was her engagement party last night .( i also have another sister who is 34 and she has also gotten married when she was 22 , i don't have any brother , just to give you guys my whole family tree haha )... I have had some weird feelings during last few weeks, not to compare myself or being jealous or ... , I was really happy for my sis and the whole family last night and danced and enjoyed a lot but , i have this constant feeling of being lonelier than before If I had a boyfriend or had been in a relationship , it could be easier somehow , but because I'm currently 100% single , it's making the situation harder. I have a great self confidence , I know that I'm a beautiful strong girl, but I still sometimes have these bad feelings , I just wanted to ask you girls , have you ever been in similar situation ? or what would be your reactions and feeling if one day you had the same situation ... is it normal to feel a lil bit sad? any advice ? ... Ps : I'm also having a hard time talking to God . lol . if you have any religious advice , don't hesitate.
  2. I am not religious at all, I believe in something bigger but I don't believe or follow any religion. I am waiting for marriage though, i think it is a beautiful thing and that it can lead to a stronger relationship. But it's so difficult, at least to me. I just want to hear why you think its good to wait for marriage, if there is any other non religious people and how long you think one should wait to get engaged and married?
  3. Okay, so I thought this might be fun! Gentlemen: Have you ever thought about ideas for "popping the question" someday? What are some of the unique and romantic ideas you've had? Ladies: Do you have any dream proposals you wish you could be surprised with? Any dreams in that regard? Now, I know some of ya'll might not want to spill the beans on your big plans, but do you have any old ideas? Surely I'm not the only one who thinks about how I might go about asking for her hand. Do any of you successful waiters want to share how you proposed? Ready? Set? Go!