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Found 2 results

  1. ok GUNS!!! :D

    Ok first off this is made for those that have a gun or want a gun, im just askin what guns ya'all have on your wishlist. Now i do not want this to turn into a debate thread because it is not ment to be that way. so i wish for liberals and other anti-gun folk to not post anything against guns thank you now to business my dream gun is the M1 garand, specifically the M1D the sniper variant of the weapon, it is a very hard weapon to find but it will be mine at somepoint now another on my wish list is a arma-lite .50 and the car-10, the arma is a sniper rifle, or i should say an anti-vehicle sniper rifle, and the car-10 is a hunting arms,the arma is a .50cal and is a bolt-action,the car-10 is semi-auto and a .308. the first one s the arma-lite now here is the car-10 ok now i would like to hear about ya'alls and or see them. Love yall Go Guns
  2. I will apologize in advance -- I will probably step on some people's toes here. I want to state upfront that I do not mean to demean anyone or their faith, or lack thereof, but I do want to discuss this topic, as it has very much been on my mind for quite awhile. There's no way to have this discussion without the possibility of offending some. So I'd like this to be a friendly discussion. I do have strong views, but I know that others here do as well. As I've said before, I'm probably one of the older members here....and I've been in the church all of my life. I've seen and experienced different things in the church, and so I'd like to have a discussion about some of this. I would welcome input from others here. Maybe some of you have seen or are seeing the same things that I have....or maybe you don't see these things at all.... I guess I'd like to start this discussion off by asking you guys what you see taking place in the universal Christian church today. (By saying universal Christian church, I'm not talking about a specific denomination or non-denomination...but rather the overall church). Do you see most churches as teaching the gospel, and Scripture? Or do you see somethings being taught that you think contradict Scripture? Or do you see things that are not really against Scripture, but not mentioned in Scripture either?