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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I'm Nene, I'm a sophomore in college and I'm 20 years old. I have been a romantic from the start. At an early age I just knew that I only wanted one partner. I'm not the planning type either. I don't know what my wedding will look like-no clue. But I know I want to lose my virginity on that night. As I grew up the desire to be close with my parents grew. I told them about how I was waiting till marriage and that my boyfriend and I were abstaining from sex. They simply laughed. Throughout high school anytime I got the stomach flu or vomited my dad would yell, asking if I was pregnant. I had told him previously many times that that would be physically impossible. Holding myself to a higher standard than my own parents is very difficult to maintain. As I lack support in that aspect both my siblings have also chosen the mainstream path and cannot relate. They are both older so it is expected that they might have more sexual experience. My closest friends also have decided to have premarital sex, which I have nothing against, it's just not for me. But it puts up a barrier between my friends and I. It makes it difficult to relate. Meanwhile I have friends that find this hilarious about me and constantly tease me about it. This also takes a toll on me. It doesn't make me rethink my decision in the slightest but it does annoy me. It's just the doubt that is growing whether or not there is anyone out there that wants something real. I don't even particularly want a husband that is also a virgin. I know the odds of that are very slim and I'd almost prefer my husband to have experience so one of us has a clue of what we're doing when we do it the first time after the wedding. But as open as I have been I have still been having a rough go of it lately. It seems all boys my age want is a fake relationship, sex, and to what I commonly refer to as "play games". This becomes increasingly more frustrating as I meet more and more men and history keeps repeating itself. I have had one serious relationship and it was a year and a half long. Although he was good to me and it was a good first relationship, it wasn't meant to be. I had friends telling me all along I deserved better and I had so much exploring to do. There are so many men out there and I had only kissed one. I wanted to date and meet others so it was for the best to end that relationship. Although since we broke up my freshman year, there has been other men, all of which have only played with my heart. They refuse commitment or lead me on. They continue to act like the things I desire are possible if I do what they want. It is leading me to become disgusted with society and my generation. So I just need support and the relief of knowing that there are people that really also want something that is real, that are tired of how society is acting like a child and very irresponsibly.
  2. Hello All!

    Hello! I am a new member from Corpus Christi, Texas. I am also a college student. As much as I like to try to find other people that share my want to wait until marriage, I find it increasingly difficult in my college and today's society, in general. Sometimes, I feel very discouraged, and irritated at the whole issue. For myself, I would love to marry a virgin, but I am deeply saddened to say that I have only met one my entire life. And I've only ever met a handful of female virgins to be friends with. I am so happy to have found this site, just to have found a group of people like me.
  3. Hello, My name is Alicia. I am a fan of the Pacific Northwest. I attend University to study Economics and Business. I love coffee, working, entrepreneurship, comedy, films, the outdoors, and books. Say HI!!!
  4. Just thought those of you who are still in high school could benefit from this!
  5. Another great article for those who are not done with college yet!!