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Found 25 results

  1. Hey guys, I have been following these two youtubers who are sisters for a while and I am so glad I found them. If you consider yourself a modern christian girl and are feeling lost and confused, you should watch their videos. They answer a lot of different types of questions and are becoming more and more popular. So I hope this is helpful !
  2. I have been thinking about this, I am single 30 female and believe in waiting because Christ found me. I am not a virgin as well. My concern is to those that are like me or relate with me. Are you waiting because you are single? would you let go of a promising relationship because your partner cannot wait? Where do you stand?
  3. Miseries

    I hope this doesn't come off as hateful. It's misery more than anything. My whole life I've felt entirely alone because peoples morals when it comes to sexuality are disgusting to me. I don't want to be near anyone. They make me despondant and intensely uncomfortable. Classmates, strangers, family members, religious groups, they're all the same in that they don't care for this virtue that is so important to me, crucial in fact, and I feel more and more crushed every single day to be so alone in my beliefs. Relationships have obviously been unfulfilling, mostly damaging, some even driving me to self destructive or even suicidal tendencies. Probably as a result of feeling isolated because of their different views, depressed by their sexual histories, and nervous by their desire to have sex with me. Most people tell me I must be asexual, but that confuses me, since asexual people do not consider me to be so. Also in general, I tend to disagree with asexuals on their morals too. Asexuals aren't necessarily WTM, and most celebrate liberal sexuality as much as any other. I just want to go on adventures and meet characters and exist without sex being in my face everywhere, and a thing everyone does, everyone talks about all the time, reminding me that I am alone, making me feel disturbed and heavy all the time. Last June I wanted to die. Suicide is never something I wanted to do, always seemed stupid and ridiculous considering I don't really have any problems, but something in me snapped one day and I ended up putting myself in a coma. I never even wanted this to be a big part of who I am or what I worry about, it seems so S T U P I D to talk about it and have it be such a big deal, (if you even CAN talk about it, because most people get insulted if you try or just end up making you feel even more alone, ridiculed, or perturbed.) The worst part is, there are SO MANY OTHER INTERESTS I HAVE but I can never open up about them or express them to people because this whole issue has to be so damn depressing, and instantly smothers any desire I have to connect with most people, even casually. I can't believe I am such a small minority. It's so disheartening. I'm entirely dissociated from society. Even in places for suicidal or depressed people, the general focus is ALMOST ALWAYS ENTIRELY about making people who are the opposite of sexually virtuous feel more accepted and comforted for their (usually really messed up) beliefs, and every time I've ever been to something like that I always left with a feeling of "wow, I have literally never felt worse." It's not that I even particularly desire companionship or a relationship or anything to do with people at all, just ONE environment I don't need to constantly escape from to stay sane. I don't even feel comfortable in church or youth groups. Christian people don't really seem to care about this virtue either. I really have no idea what possessed me to join this thing and write this. I don't know, have any of you who are virgins waiting til marriage experienced similar depression? I have never in my life encountered a single person who felt the way I do. The only wtm person I have ever known in my whole life was not a virgin and also didn't really have any depression or social anxiety around people who weren't. Ayudame.
  4. Well, hello strangers. I didn't know that this site existed before today. Thought that I would check it out. Going to go and look around.
  5. I am a 22 going on 23 December 29th, year old virgin. And I am PROUD! I have younger cousins who have already given themselves away to others and think I am "grose" for saving myself. They tell it's stupid and that no one lives by the Bible anymore cause it's out of date. Wile it may be true that most people no longer live by the Bible, I find it important to point out why I keep my purity besides because Jesus said to. 1: When you give yourself away, you give away part of your emotions and soul to that person and they will forever be with you weather you know it or not. In only want to love one person. If I devorce and get remarried or my husband has, that's okay. But my first husband will still be in my heart. 2: No STD's. I won't have to worry about spreading or getting any STD's, and those who wait won't have to that much either. People these days hardly care and just go for it without protection. 3: No abortion! I won't get pregnant before marrage, so no unwanted baby having to be killed or put up for adotion. Number on cause for abortion is un wanted babies or parents forcing their pregnant teenagers to get an abortion. Save yourself the hassle and a babies life! 4: Respect yourself and know that it's true love. If he or she doesn't respect you for holding out, even if you have already given yourself away. If they keep pushing when you say no, it's not true love! They only want your body! I don't care if you have made the mistake of giving yourself away, it's never too lat to respect yourself and your body. I am keeping mine clean becuase I want to give that part of my soul that will only happen once to my beloved. I know plenty of people say "You have to know if your compatable in bed." PFFT!~ Best way is to discover each other together for the first time when married.
  6. Hello All!

    Hello! I am a new member from Corpus Christi, Texas. I am also a college student. As much as I like to try to find other people that share my want to wait until marriage, I find it increasingly difficult in my college and today's society, in general. Sometimes, I feel very discouraged, and irritated at the whole issue. For myself, I would love to marry a virgin, but I am deeply saddened to say that I have only met one my entire life. And I've only ever met a handful of female virgins to be friends with. I am so happy to have found this site, just to have found a group of people like me.
  7. Greetings From Texas

    Good morning everyone, I am a new member from Texas, so you could say I'm a southern belle. Sometimes when you've made the decision to wait until marriage it can feel like you're the only one out there in this struggle. I'm glad to have found a whole community of people that can relate to the lifestyle I live. I'm hoping to connect and make friends.
  8. A question for Christians

    Hi I'm not sure if it's correct to ask this question here , but I couldn't find a better community that could answer my question . I've recently seen some Christians accept gay marriage and there are even some churches for them. but as long as I'm concerned there are some strict verses in Bible that condemn homosexuality. I wanted to know your opinion . Is it that common among Christians ? do you accept it or not? PS: My question is for Christians but other faiths and believes are welcome to tell me their opinion about homosexuality . Thanks
  9. A very confused "Christian" teenager

    Hello and thank you for taking time to read this, it means something just to think that someone else saw it. So, as of a few months now, there's been times where I just question my Christianity in general. I'm not too fond of church, I've never been really fond of reading the bible either but I do want to love God. Most times I feel like I'm close to Him and that our relationship is getting better and then other times.... Well, not so much. Sometimes it seems like I run into roadblocks in everything from school to family to love to friendships to college and career choices and just about everything in between. I guess my question is, is it terrible that I'm not extremely religious? Is it still possible to have a relationship with God and not necessarily go to church? Also, is this whole feeling like God is a silent parent who just doesn't want me to do anything just part of being a teen and learning the ropes? Your answers are all greatly appreciated.
  10. hello everyone i thought it would be interesting to hear which preachers you guys like to listen to; i know it would be a wide variety as we all believe in different doctrine, and the preachers you listen to would portray that belief, but regardless, i'm curious to see. you can use anyone, TV preachers, and even small Youtube ministries, i myself listen to a lot of "preachers" on Youtube, so go ahead and post the channel, id love to check them out as well. ill start; one of my favorites is Paul Washer
  11. The Saint That is Just Me

    Hey, guys! Heard this song at Adoration last week and thought some of you might like it. It's quite Catholic, but I think the non-Catholic Christians will enjoy it, too. Oh, heck, the non-Christians will probably like it as well (it's so pretty!) Anyway, enjoy! xxx
  12. "Porn Sunday" in Church

    I saw this in the news and was wondering what people's thoughts are. A former porn star is going to be speaking in church, along with a pastor, about pornography. Do you think you'd go if a church in your neighborhood did this? Do you think this is a good approach for a church to take? Are you interested in hearing what a former porn star would say?
  16. hey im Josh

    whats up everybody? my name is Josh and im 19. i'm so glad i found this sight, its really great to know that i'm not the only one, haha. I'm from Toronto, Ontario (that's in Canada) and ill be starting university this September. the main reason why i'm deciding to wait is because of my own personal beliefs and my christian faith. i believe that love between 2 individuals is the most beautiful thing imaginable. i don't want to ruin that by being selfish and thinking only about my own needs. i really want to share that intimate experience only with the one person i truly love and want to spend the rest of my life with. i'm also a strong christian. I've recently decided to get serious with my faith and seek Jesus. i find it terrible how society puts so much pressure on us to have sex outside marriage. society tells us that its impressive if you have a high "kill count" people feel that if you haven't lost it at a certain age something is wrong with you. i never met anyone who made this commitment where i'm from. I feel embarrassed telling people that i'm waiting until marriage, but thank God i found this sight so i have hope and i know that i'm not alone! sorry for the long post, feel free to message or email me if you want to chat, stay strong brothers and sisters, take care, and God bless, -josh
  17. It Takes a Church

    If you've heard of this show, I'd like to hear your opinions on it. I am watching it now and so far I personally really like it. The idea is nice and most of what has happened is ok to me but I want to hear your opinions! (for those who have seen it Nick is celibate )
  18. Hola :)

    Hello Everyone! I just wanted to say hey and that I have already begun to really enjoy this site! Growing up, I feel like I was the ONLY person in the world waiting. Luckily, I was blessed with some amazing friends that were supportive of my decision and encouraged me to remain a virgin (even if they decided it wasn't for them). A little about me, I'm 24, Christian and eager to hear about your experiences. Any questions, just ask. This site seems like a really fun, supportive community of people and I can't wait to learn more about some interesting topics! Be Blessed, ~LadyInWaiting "Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for Him to act...." - Psalm 37:7 (NLT)
  19. Walk To Emmaus Retreat

    Has anyone ever been to the Walk to Emmaus retreat or the the flight or journey. From what I've heard there are all similar. I have the opportunity to go in May, Ive never been, only know a few who have gone. For me I'd go to the Journey to Emmaus since ive never been married. What was your experience like? Would you recommend someone to attend one? Favorite part of the weekend? Why do I need a sponsor? What are they responsible for? Anything else you like to add.. Thanks!!
  20. Hey there.

    Hi. I'm new here. I'm a 19 years old, 5'4, black / mixed female. I plan on becoming an Internal Medicine Physician (Doctor) in the future. I consider myself Christian. I call it "Non-Traditional" Presbytarianism (Protestant). I seek the Bible for moral advice, believe in Jesus Christ and believe in God along with worshipping him. Honestly, I see Christianity as a way of life instead of solely a religion. I actually don't go to church at the moment - as I like to personally learn and study the Bible independently or with my family. I'd only go to church mainly if I'm particularly interested in listening to life experiences from other Christians or if I need help understanding the Bible more so. I added on the "Non-Traditional" part because do not participate in any religious traditions (such as Lent, "abstaining" from meat on Friday or baptism) since the Bible never states that such traditions are indeed mandatory (I eventually may get baptized though). That basically explains my religious views. I'm very logical when it comes to them. Since I am Christian, I "wait until marriage". However, in this day and age, I don't quite like that. In all honesty - I am Happy that I choose to wait until marriage. I Completely understand the logic of waiting and I understand that it's meant for people who really do love each other. However, and unfortunately, it's 2013. Hardly anyone Thinks like that anymore - and I HATE this! Seriously? Why are some people so "easy" for sex? This isn't even much of a moral or religious reason - just a classy one, for the most part. I feel nearly hopeless and that I won't find anyone who's willing to wait, and Realistically (as I've explained before) - I'm not even Extremely religious! I'm normal - and have urges just like those who Don't wait. It's just that - Me personally, If I'm gonna state that I'm an actual Christian - I'm going to actually be Christian to the fullest. I'll actually listen and Wait until marriage for sex. It's like now days, people who claim they're Christian don't even wait anymore! Yet if they do wait - they're VERY over religious or overbearring with their religion (Self-Righteous). That's one of the reasons why I don't quite want to try - I don't Want anyone like that. I just want an average Christian person who waits - like Me. I've already stated that I wait until marriage on a dating website - and it seems like no one really likes me Solely because of that. So I'm wondering.. "There just HAS to be a dating website for people to wait, just has to be." The only one I've found so far is - yet, I'm confused. - Is it a website for those with disabilities who Literally can Not have sex, or is it for people who wait until marriage??? Anywho, I was wondering if anyone's a bit hopeless like I am. Also, are there any dating websites Solely for people who actually wait until marriage? That would Really make me feel better. And I'm really sorry for feeling down or nagging, but that's how I feel - and since everyone on here has Some form of actual sense (lol), I was wondering if anyone else feels that way.
  21. Hello I'm Amber :)

    Hello, I'm new here(first day) and I signed up once I saw this forum from Google. I'm 22 years old and a student at University of Wisconsin. I'm really attracted to health careers so, I recently switched majors from Business to Biomedical Science. Majoring in Biomedical Science will help me become a dietitian, nutritionist, or even a doctor. I love traveling, watching movies, listening to music, and shopping. I'm also very interested in other cultures and languages. I really like going to new places. I plan to travel to France and South Korea someday, so I'm learning both languages. I decided that I would remain a virgin until marriage when I was 15. I thought the usual thoughts about sex with having sex with your boyfriend and just remembering to use protection. That was until Rebecca St. James was talking about waiting on the Gospel Music Channel. This was actually a year before I started dating, so she persuaded me right on time. I read my Bible, said a prayer and began writing letters to my husband shortly after. I'm really glad I found this site and I really hope that someday everyone will see the importance of waiting till marriage.
  22. I will apologize in advance -- I will probably step on some people's toes here. I want to state upfront that I do not mean to demean anyone or their faith, or lack thereof, but I do want to discuss this topic, as it has very much been on my mind for quite awhile. There's no way to have this discussion without the possibility of offending some. So I'd like this to be a friendly discussion. I do have strong views, but I know that others here do as well. As I've said before, I'm probably one of the older members here....and I've been in the church all of my life. I've seen and experienced different things in the church, and so I'd like to have a discussion about some of this. I would welcome input from others here. Maybe some of you have seen or are seeing the same things that I have....or maybe you don't see these things at all.... I guess I'd like to start this discussion off by asking you guys what you see taking place in the universal Christian church today. (By saying universal Christian church, I'm not talking about a specific denomination or non-denomination...but rather the overall church). Do you see most churches as teaching the gospel, and Scripture? Or do you see somethings being taught that you think contradict Scripture? Or do you see things that are not really against Scripture, but not mentioned in Scripture either?
  23. Hey Christian Girl...
  25. HEY THERE, such a relief to find this site. I thought I was the last person on earth waiting till marriage. I would love to have good Christian fellowship with the wome.n on here, and maybe even meet who God has for me. I am 23, Male, living in NC. I am a Police officer in the army. I am also a volunteer fire fighter. I am willing to move where God leads. I am looking a Christian female 18-30, never married, virgin,located pretty much anywhere. I am in shape and prefer that the be of athletic build.