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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! As you know I am married and from a waiting christian community. I have older girlfriends who are very concerned about the age these days and I have no idea what to tell them. Me and my husband wait to have kids but we are still young (below 30s) and I don't think that much. My friends are one 38 and the other 42,waiters and singles for now.They are worried that they won't be able to have children and whatever I say,I feel that doesn't help because I am ''young and married''. What you think in this situation?If you were at their place,how would you feel? Thank you! Charlotte
  2. Okay everyone, As waiters, I want to ask you about children. I'm sure some of you know I prefer to be child free, and I do have MANY reasons for this choice. I know all of you will have children inside wedlock, obviously . I ask you: Why do you want children? Or why do you not want children?
  3. Waiting for a the guy who tried

    I had my son when I was 20. I've split with his mother and have decided to wait since then. I realize the value in waiting after that whole fiasco, but it seems like women who are waiting don't take me seriously because I already take care of my little one. Does it seem crazy for someone in my situation to try and meet fellow waiters? I have so much more respect for women that do, but the feeling hasn't always been mutual. Any thoughts?
  4. Surrogate Parenting

    So after you get married lets say you and your spouse decide to have kids a couple years in, but you discover you're infertile. Surrogate parenting is having someone else have your egg and sperm for you, then you take the baby (Just in case you didn't know). This may be something youll have to consider if you and your spouse are infertile if you dont want to adopt. This is kind of a spinoff from the post on genetically modified babies, but what are everyone's thoughts on this? Im still unsure but I don't believe in abortion and I don't believe in pulling eggs and making them in a petri dish either, (well at least throwing the unused eggs away...) But this topic makes me wonder, if God intended for someone to have kids, wouldn't he make it possible? Like the older lady Elizabeth who had John the Baptist at a late age in the bible. OR, is having a surrogate parent provided for someone (provided you have ten grand) God's way of enabling us and making it possible? The bible says God formed us in the womb but did he form the situation too? Im kind of gray on this area and looking for clarity...something to consider as well there's tons of children in foster care who also don't have homes to go to.
  5. Found an article on Catholic Link, which had these two videos. They're both adverts and they're both pretty short. Disclaimer: I'm not promoting these companies...obviously. Well, Coke's okay... So, the article argued that society has the mentality of that first video: that children are the root of all misery and discomfort, a flaw in marriage which should be avoided and protected against. Whereas, in the first video, children are seen as challenging and demanding, parenting is a sacrifice, but nonetheless, children are sources of happiness. As the article puts it, one video is about "glorified egoism" and the second is about "venturesome generosity". What are your thoughts on these videos? How do you think that society (in general) views children? And how do you view children in marriage? Are they optional extras to a marriage, or do they spring from the heart of it? xxx
  6. Marriage now Children?

    *Sigh* I have been thinking about the things that I do and dont want in life and I honestly don't see myself having children. I feel if I did have them it would be for selfish reasons which isnt right, this world is filled with horrible things and there are already children out there that need genuine love and care. Since I was a kid I've always wanted to adopt because of those reasons. Ive had a rough life and if there is a chance that I can change a childs life for the better I will take it...but Im still on the fence with that since I cant stand misbehaving children and children in general can be annoying, I like my quiet days lol. I do know in my heart that if I dont have kids I wont feel like I've missed out, but the feeling of adoption may still occur in my heart. This makes me nervous about WTM being more difficult because most if not all men who are WTM will want children and Im on a different path. But I do have hope because a friend of mine WTM and her and her husband dont want kids for good reasons. My question for males What do you think about adoption? Do you feel you have to have your own children to pass along the genes? if not then why do you want children? Would a woman that does not want children AT ALL be a deal breaker? even if everything else is perfect is it that important? for those of you that dont want adoption what if you found out your wife was barren? then what? If you agree to adoption how soon do you want the children? I say this because Im no where near ready give me another 10 years and then I'll think about it. Or maybe I'm over thinking things its just that lately the guys that I meet all want the typical housewife with children and that's just not me. But then when I see guys saying they dont want kids I get nervous and think they maybe selfish(complicated I know) I want to travel and experience new cultures, I want to be a philanthropist, which means I have so many plans and alot of work to do that doesnt really involve a typical life. Girls can answer you girls know any men that dont want children what do you think of them?
  7. I know that a lot of people feel this way, but alot of them don't. I've heard of people getting divorces before because one person wanted kids and the other one didn't. I would hate for something like this to cause a problem in my marriage. I want children and if my husband didn't want them I would be devastated. I personally think that things like this should be discussed before the couple is engaged, really after the first few dates. This would avoid issues down the road. What would you do if your husband/wife wanted children and you didn't or vice versa?