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Found 1 result

  1. Everyone on this forum has a history, and everyone has people on this site that have made a mark upon them. So this thread will serve to give all those people a shout-out! (Without waiting for them to do a video first *grins*) I'd like to send shout-outs to Asryll, Mike, Matt, Josh, Cou, Kendra, WaitingForYou<3, vince and Sophie. These are the people I've had good times with in chat. Bantered with in threads and joked with in private chat. I would say love y'all but I'm not southern So forums. Who would you like to give a shout-out? EDIT: Because I can. Asryll: You know why you're on here my dear *Smiles*. Mike: For making the site, and for not killing me for not having that article done yet Matt: For all the awesome times in chat, the interesting views and of course your outrageous sense of humour Keep it up mate. Josh: For always fighting for your beliefs, always keep an open mind and you'll be good. Cou: For always being fun to talk with in chat, and your indulgence in my teasing you for your love of older men. Kendra: For being such a good friend to A and I. WaitingForYou<3: Always good for a laugh in chat. And your deep insights into problems are always helpful. vince: For being a crazy gun loving gamer. Keep on trucking man. Sophie: For being a fellow, Atheist Canadian.