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Found 2 results

  1. I find it interesting/disheartening that some people try to claim someone else isn't really of their religion because of reasons. Within Christianity, there are Catholics, Orthodox believers, Presbyterians, Baptists, non-denominational believers, Mormons, and hundreds of other designations, each with a specific, slightly different theology. I don't know much about other religions, and I'm interested to learn more! How would you describe the most important aspect of your religion? For example, as a Christian, my most important beliefs are: 1) God is our Creator 2) Jesus is our Savior Is there more than that? Of course, but those are the absolute core tenets of my faith. What are yours?
  2. "Spiritual, but not religious"

    I've known a lot of people over the years who have described themselves as "spiritual, but not religious," but I've never known exactly how to interpret that. It seems like everyone has a different meaning to the phrase, some with specific undefinable beliefs, and then some who seem to use it just as a way to avoid saying that they're an atheist or agnostic. So, I'm curious. What do you assume someone means when he/she identifies as "spiritual, but not religious"? Or, if you identify as that and feel comfortable talking about it, what does the phrase mean to you?