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Found 1 result

  1. Unwanted guests

    So my sister has a friend that comes over and stays the night...which is fine but now she stays for 5 to 6 nights out of the week she practically lives here (she has a crappy home life). She talks so much and so loud all the time and she's so rude I just want to give her one good uppercut. She spills things and leaves them and I have to yell at her to pick them up btw she's 20 years old. I thankfully am moving out by the end of the month but I cant stand her being over so often and when I cook dinner (meant for me and my sister ONLY!) she always has something to say "ew! yuck I dont want that!" Im not buying food and cooking for 3! Im fed up with her eating our food (I pay for) and my sister drives her around for free, my sister is too nice to tell her to stop coming so often because they are best friends. Im ranting but I also need advice on how I should deal with this situation. tonight Im cooking a big meal so that my sister can have left overs for school through out the week but since she's here there will be less leftovers... Im tired of it. I dont want her to eat our food tonight (selfish?) but I dont want to be rude exclude her uggh!! Help me what would you do?