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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! As you know I am married and from a waiting christian community. I have older girlfriends who are very concerned about the age these days and I have no idea what to tell them. Me and my husband wait to have kids but we are still young (below 30s) and I don't think that much. My friends are one 38 and the other 42,waiters and singles for now.They are worried that they won't be able to have children and whatever I say,I feel that doesn't help because I am ''young and married''. What you think in this situation?If you were at their place,how would you feel? Thank you! Charlotte
  2. Too Old For Purity Ring?

    Hey! So I lost my virginity when I was younger in high school. I was under too much pressure from my boyfriend at the time and I cracked. That has always been one of the things that I have regretted in life. However, I have not had sex since and I am a rising junior in college now. I really want a purity ring, but I'm not exactly pure. I want to live my life purely until I am married and I feel like maybe having a purity ring will help me to abstain from having sex before I'm ready again or before marriage. I am 21 now and I just want to know if I am too old for a purity ring. What is the age limit for a purity ring?