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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone! I really hope i'm not alone in this, and I'm pretty positive i'm not, but I find it really hard to meet people in my current situation. To start off my situation is two-fold. The first part is meeting a woman with the hectic lifestyle i have and the second part is finding a woman that accepts my rather unique religious views. I'm a 27 years old male, a virgin, and still attending college. I attend a major state university and am majoring in Chemistry and Psychology. I still have around 2 years to go before i graduate with 2 degrees. After which time I plan to attend Medical School. I also work as a manager (48+ hours) in a grocery store and several of my hobbies take up many hours of my time (photography, writing, fitness, martial arts). Much of this takes up over 100+ hours of my week which makes spending time with a woman almost impossible. The hard part about a relationship right now is I don't want to have to choose between a woman and my schooling. God makes people who they are and he made me to become a doctor. God will always come first in my life and this includes my desire to help others. The problem lies in my not wanted my future wife to come second in life behind God and my work. The second part of my situation makes finding a woman (and Church) a little more difficult. I was born and raised Roman-Catholic but converted to Christianity about 5 years ago. Most of my family believes in God but don't practice on a daily basis (Church, prayer, Bible study, etc.) except my brother, who happens to be Muslim. Which makes things a little difficult. I left a campus ministry a few years back, where I was an intern, because we shared differing views on faith and God. It kinda led me away from the whole reasoning for needing Church really. So i'm very cautious when discussing religious matters with others. I've never met a woman who was Christian and understanding enough to accept that Islam, although not a part of my personal belief, will always be a part of my life. I know some may feel what I'm about to say is damning, but I would like to read the Quran someday. Not because it's what I believe, but to better understand my brother and his faith. I've always believed that love transcends all religion, and no act of God could ever make me hate my brother. So I guess my question is this, am I hopeless? I would really appreciate your opinion, however honest, however long or short it may be, in this matter. Thank you.