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Found 2 results

  1. Site navigation.

    I don't know about anyone else but I find getting around the site (excluding the forums) very troublesome. For example I've been trying to get to my own profile on the main site. I know there must be a button or link somewhere cause I've been there before but can I find it? Most member/log in sites have a link on the home page to log in and go to your account that's kinda standard. I thought about messaging someone a creator/admin but then was unable to find a "contact us" section. While I'm here might I also suggest a search bar that would make it much easier to find "that article I saw one time about" this or that. Anyone else think the site could do with a little update to make it more accessible?
  2. Hey guys! This is a website I just discovered all about Natural Family Planning. Well, I myself am really looking forward to learning NFP and using it once I get married, and I know that there are others on here who've said they're interested in the subject, so I thought this would be useful: It's a fairly new website, but it's already posted a ton of good articles (in the "Consider" section) about contraception and NFP. Lots of facts and figures, which I know I'll be borrowing...Plus, you'll see from reading some of the articles that it's promoting waiting till marriage too... xxx