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Found 6 results

  1. I like to work out, eat comfort food while watching late night T.V., and plan things for my future. It's healthy to have things to do. A person can go mentally insane doing nothing but thinking. Trust me, been there. P.S.- You never know you may help people who have trouble finding things to do by commenting.
  2. What are your thoughts on players and why? Me, I cant stand them. The bragging about girls or guys they played really gets to me.
  3. I ask this because it seems like alot of people with good intentions always ends up being stepped on by others. Again have you ever been picked on or bullied because of your WTM belifs and if so how did you deal with the problem?
  4. What is your dream guy?

    Just curious. Edit: Sorry meant girl.
  5. I've had this happen to me before. She was all and willing to have a physical relationship with me but would not actually date me because I was not her type. Her type was a country boy who drove a pick up, had tatoos, and had been to jail. I'm more of a cleaned up city boy who drives a Lincoln, dresses like its the fifties, has no tatoos, and avoids jail. Quite funny though. The irony of the situation is that I live in the country and have done farm work since I was able to walk. Has this happened to you before, or is it just me?