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Found 2 results

  1. Surrogate Parenting

    So after you get married lets say you and your spouse decide to have kids a couple years in, but you discover you're infertile. Surrogate parenting is having someone else have your egg and sperm for you, then you take the baby (Just in case you didn't know). This may be something youll have to consider if you and your spouse are infertile if you dont want to adopt. This is kind of a spinoff from the post on genetically modified babies, but what are everyone's thoughts on this? Im still unsure but I don't believe in abortion and I don't believe in pulling eggs and making them in a petri dish either, (well at least throwing the unused eggs away...) But this topic makes me wonder, if God intended for someone to have kids, wouldn't he make it possible? Like the older lady Elizabeth who had John the Baptist at a late age in the bible. OR, is having a surrogate parent provided for someone (provided you have ten grand) God's way of enabling us and making it possible? The bible says God formed us in the womb but did he form the situation too? Im kind of gray on this area and looking for clarity...something to consider as well there's tons of children in foster care who also don't have homes to go to.
  2. Blended Families

    Hey everybody, it's been a minute since I've been on here. I've been going through some things in my life. My mom, who I'm extremely close to, has recently found her Mr. Right. I should say he found her at our church. She recently found out he is attracted to her and they've been dating for a couple weeks now. However, we found out that he is a minister...A real minister, not like the ones you see on tv lately who molest kids and whatnot. Anyway, he comes over to my mom's house sometimes to spend time with her and he talks to me too. I'm just having a hard time adjusting to the fact that my mom is dating. She hasn't dated anyone since her divorce which was 7 years ago. She raised me as a single parent before she got married so besides her marriage, I'm used to it just being me and my mom against the world so to speak. I like her new boyfriend but besides time which I admit patience is not a virtue of mine, I don't really know how to handle this situation. This is the only relationship my mom has been in where she's been treated the way she is supposed to be ( he respects her, has manners, he accepts the fact that me and my mom are shy and they have the same religious views, they have a lot of things in common so far among other things. I've been in this situation before regarding having to deal with a new man coming into the family when my mom got married 7 years ago except I was a lot younger at the time so this time feels different. This new man and my mom are not rushing things but it definitely looks like they'll be getting married in the future ad he has kids my age. I've never had step siblings before. Does anybody know what I'm talking about or going through? Feel free to respond.