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Found 21 results

  1. i had no idea what to set as the title and was going to go with "im not in kansas anymore..." but thought people might think i was saying i had moved from kansas. so i am new here. hello. i like metal which i am told is a bit odd. seeing a metalhead wearing a purity ring. (not sure what more to say. message me if you want to) enclosed is a picture of a badass rubber ducky; you may have the picture. you're welcome
  2. Hi guys, My name is Aparajita and I am 22 years old senior in college. I am waiting till marriage because of my religion and it has also been a personal choice as well. Majority of my friends are not virgins and they keep telling me that I won't find anyone who is going to respect my decision because premarital sex is very common in Western culture. I am also Indian so some people have told me that I would probably have to get arranged marriage if I am looking for someone who is gonna wait for me. Recently I used tinder which I never thought I would ever use. I know a lot of people think that its a hookup app but people also use it to meet other people just to hang out. I really was not expecting anything really but I started talking to someone who is very similar to me. We both are very determined people with career goals and we both are family oriented as well. I was texting this person a lot and it seemed like it was going somewhere until I mentioned my decision to wait. He texted me 3 days later that he doesn't want to pressure me because in his relationships he tends to be sexual. I was pretty disappointed because if it wasn't for the sex thing, I would have probably met up with this person and maybe it could have gone somewhere. It is very difficult to find people who are like me and I felt like my decision to wait till marriage was holding me back from meeting new people. I want to know if there are people out there who have had similar experiences. I go to a Christian school, but I feel like at least in my friend circle there are not a lot of people who think like I do. I am hoping that this site is a place where I am able to meet more people who think like me
  3. Hello

    Hola senoritos and senoritas! How's everyone doing?
  4. My Story :)

    Hi everyone ! I have a story to share with you ... I'm a Muslim and waiting however , life wasn't always that easy . I had difficult times , struggling with myself . every night I talked to God and told him that the whole world is not practicing this way of life anymore ...that I feel so lonely ... so disappointed ... one day , I asked him to show me a sign ... something from him to calm me down . and he did ( which is very personal and I can't write it here). If you believe in God , let me tell you something : God will never leave , he's the only one who never sleeps. late at night , when everyone's sleeping , you can talk to him. He exists , as much as you believe in him and if you ask him to show you his signs , with all your heart , he will ... at the end , I should say that I'm so happy to find this community , with ppl from different nationalities and backgrounds ! PS : I should confess that I was surprised to see many Christians still practicing Wait till marriage ^^ PSS : I know that there are some non-religious people ( Practicing WTM for non-religious reasons ) , It shocked me even more
  5. Hello All!

    Hello! I am a new member from Corpus Christi, Texas. I am also a college student. As much as I like to try to find other people that share my want to wait until marriage, I find it increasingly difficult in my college and today's society, in general. Sometimes, I feel very discouraged, and irritated at the whole issue. For myself, I would love to marry a virgin, but I am deeply saddened to say that I have only met one my entire life. And I've only ever met a handful of female virgins to be friends with. I am so happy to have found this site, just to have found a group of people like me.
  6. Greetings From Texas

    Good morning everyone, I am a new member from Texas, so you could say I'm a southern belle. Sometimes when you've made the decision to wait until marriage it can feel like you're the only one out there in this struggle. I'm glad to have found a whole community of people that can relate to the lifestyle I live. I'm hoping to connect and make friends.
  7. Hey everyone

    Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Courtney and I'am 26. I have been waiting for marriage my whole life due to religious reasons. I havent really told people except guys I have dated and it has been a constant issue but I'am staying strong. Hope everyone has a good day.
  8. Hello there!

    Wow! Never thought that such forum exist before! I am 28 years old guy from Indonesia. You can say that I am not believing in particular religion. Currently looking for one that satisfying. My line of works are computer related stuffs, mainly with GNU/Linux. During my free time, I teach physics on local education community. Pretty boring huh? Yeah I know. That explained why I am still single hahaha... But well, it is really nice to see there is a group with a same view. Kinda happy if you ask me right now. Oh, and sorry for my bad English. It is not my first language. Languages are kinda hard for me to grasp at is fullest. I can speak Hokkien and Japs, but have no idea what those languages are in thir original, slashing-fonts form. It is a bliss for me that English and Indonesian are using the exact same alphabets.
  9. Hi! virgin newbie here

    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a 25 year old nurse from Brooklyn (born and raised baby); I come from a big, loud, awesome family and I have lots of neices and nephews. My youngest brother and I are especially close since we're the only ones still living at home. My family is Christian, and I personally became a Christian at 17. What my parents taught me as a kid about saving intimacy for marriage made sense to me. In college, I did more research on the topic, reading books such as "Hooked" and "Unprotected", and cross-referencing with my biochem & physiology classes - all of it made sense on another level. The bonding mechanisms of oxytocin, the effects of pheremones, etc. At times, I felt like such a naive loser for not having sex like everyone else in college, but the scientific knowledge reinforced my decision to remain a virgin. Although guys asked me out, I never accepted, because I knew they didn't share my values or my faith, and I didn't want to string them along for no reason. However, I spent a lot of time studying with guys, since I was in a major that had more guys than girls (chemistry). I found it was really easy to become emotionally entangled with guys, even though I didn't do anything more physical than a casual hug - that is something I still struggle with. Last year was rough for me, as I was diagnosed with cancer, and underwent chemo and radiation. After finishing treatment and growing back a little hair, I went on vacation in Florida for a weekend. While there, all I could think was, I'm 25, I have this hot (rental) car, I'm in West Palm Beach, I've survived cancer - I just want to go have some fun, get drunk and sleep with a handsome stranger. Of course I did no such thing. But man, it was hard not to just give in a little, to flirt with some cute busboy or whatever. I've come to realize that being a virgin or celibate until marriage isn't simply about the physical aspect. The true battle for me is in my mind and my emotions, and being a truly virtuous lady. So I'm striving toward being content with life, while still growing and maturing as a person. Anyhoo, I'm excited to be on this forum and hopefully meet some new friends who are also on this journey.
  10. Hello everyone! Having been previously passive, I realized it may be high time for me to start looking for the girl in my life, and I'm really glad I found this site! I have always wanted to save that "special moment" for a special someone-whom-I-havent-met-yet. Not just because of religion, although I am christian, but to create the best chances for a lasting relationship. Apparently general population doesn't think that way. At least not here in Denmark. For a while it seemed like I was nearly alone for thinking like this(waiting), and my chances were next to none to find someone who was also waiting. But just seeing this site is a huge encouragement! Every comment is either a comfort or words of wisdom. Having read a lot already, I am filled with renewed hope that this is not at all impossible. You guys rock! A little introduction of myself: My name is Peter Jacob, (but calling me just Peter, "PJ" or Jacob is all fine! ) I'm currently studying to become Mechanical Engineer at Aalborg University in Denmark. The study takes most of my time, but when not studying, I enjoy relaxing through video-games, watching movies, doing something creative, going to church or sometimes reading books. I love being creative, making all things from robots to video-games to chainmaille. I consider it all hobbies! But sadly, spare time feels like a depleting resource in these days, and I never get done as many of my hobbies as I'd like. Feel free to ask me anything.
  11. Hi guys, just wanted to say hi to y'all! And that I am happy to have found a page centered around something so positive. Feel free to have a look at my profile where I wrote a little bit about myself. minoo
  12. Hello

    Hello, I wanted to introduce myself, I am Matthew.
  13. Hello C:

    Hello world! I'm still getting the hang of this website so forgive me if I'm doing this all wrong D: I've been lurking this site for awhile and finally decided to join and meet more like minded people. I'm the only waiter in my circle of friends, and it can get really disappointing...but in the end glad of my choice to wait until marriage. I also look at everything my peers are going through in this crazy dating/hookup scene and realize that having faith and following Christ has been the best thing I've ever done for myself please share your experiences with me! Those success stories give me hope lol
  14. Shy guy

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this awesome supportive community and I would just like to say thank you for all the extremely helpful advise and insight from experience! I decided to become abstinent my sophomore year of highschool after my friends and football buds were talking about who they lost it to, I started thinking who I'd give my virginity, at first I was thinking I'd sleep with the best looking girl in school than go and brag about it with the bros, what could beat that? But thankfully one night I realized what could beat that, giving my precious virginity to a woman I truly loved for more than beauty. Still to this day, almost four years later I'm still content proud and happy with my decision to WTM no matter if even my closest of friends give me a hard time for waiting and making fun for still being a virgin. I've never had an actual girlfriend because I'm so shy and a little hesitant to mention my abstinence.
  15. Hey just jointed

    Hey I'm Maci just joint this site and so far I'm liking what I'm seeing. I like the friendship and the sense of comfort and community. Just wanted to say a general hi to all the members. So hi!
  16. Hiii there!!

    Hey guys!well I found this website wonderful so I've decided to subcribe also I see there is people from all around the world there so cool! My name is Maité, I live in the carribean ,I'm a catholic and I've decided to wait till marriage . Hope to be making some friends here thanks
  17. Hello everyone!

    Hello, WTM community! So my name's 'Aurora', and I'm a 19 year old virgin. I decided to join this website because I found that I need somebody to talk to about this, aside from my boyfriend. It feels nice knowing that there's a community of people out there who, like me, believe that sex is a part of the true commitment of marriage, and not just something that should be thrown around and offered to everybody. Up until about 8 months ago, when I met my boyfriend, let's call him 'Phillip', I would have thought everybody on here was a little crazy. I would have gone against this website solely for the sake of doing so. It wasn't that I was against waiting until marriage, just that I had never really thought about it. In my community, everybody is so open about talking about sex, and not really worried about virginity. In fact, my parents have offered to help me get birth control when I needed it. For some reason, I think it was part of God's plan for me, I have always been single. Aside from Phillip, I have only ever called one other guy my boyfriend, and we never did anything more than a quick peck on the lips, mainly because we were early high school students. If I had had a boyfriend before meeting Phillip, and he had wanted to have sex, I probably would have, mainly because my beliefs kind of fluctuated. Sometimes I wondered, is sex really that good that some people can't wait for it? Isn't it just for the creation of children? Why is it so important? The first person that I new that was waiting until marriage was an old boss of mine. She was 25 at the time. I never actually found out why she was waiting, just that she was. Then there was another co-worker at that job who didn't believe in premarital sex or birth control. She got married while I worked there, and soon after was pregnant. Near the end of my first year of University, I met Philip there. I instantly liked him a lot, and we started dating. After a few dates, he sat me down for a serious talk. He gave me a 'heads-up' that he was waiting until marriage (because it was part of his religion, and the beliefs of his community), and that, due to this, he wasn't moving in with anyone before marriage. I told him that that sounded fine to me, and that I understood where he was coming from. I've never been a religious person. I'd always just been like many other people-believing in God, but not partaking in prayer or church groups. After meeting Phillip though, my perspective on life changed. Now I regularly attend church with a co-worker of mine, and can't imagine any other way of living. I don't think that, even if I wasn't with Phillip, I could ever partake in premarital sex now. It just doesn't seem right. Now, I view sex as the ultimate connection between man and wife. It's something that, after meeting Phillip, I know that I desire, but something that I know we will wait for. It's just too important for us not to wait. I've rambled on enough for now. I'm just happy that I found you guys! So once again, hello everyone! Aurora
  18. New member intro./Aloha!

    Hello, I just joined, & want to introduce myself. When I was in my early 20's I wasn't sure I wanted to get married when I would/will meet my soulmate. I thought we would be in a loving, committed monogamous, ever lasting relationship -without being officially married. Living in an area when I was 24 where most people of different ages had sex with practically everyone else in the community made me want to be more conservative. I also decided after experiencing living in that area that I wanted to be married when I did/do meet my soulmate. I grew up in a very loving home-my wonderful, loving parents adopted me from Mexico as a baby. I then grew up in Northern California in the foothills. I am still spiritual, although not apart of the religion I grew up with. I am still very close friends with people in the church I was raised in, & am grateful my friends & family that are active in the church love me for me & treat me with nothing other than respect & love! A couple years ago, I was blessed to have achieved living where I've dreamed of living my whole life! I live by the warm ocean waters of Hawaii! I have waited to attract my beloved life partner, as I have wanted to do a lot of inner work on myself & become the kind of person I want to be for me & for the kind of person I want to attract to be my beloved partner & husband.
  19. How I found this site

    Hey! So I just found this site before dinner on accident and I'm totally siked. I was reading this article that some of my friends had shared on facebook about how love isn't a feeling or an emotion, it's a verb (which I totally agree with). Anyways, I was reading the comments and read one (a screenshot of which I've attached) that said researched showed people who wfm have a lower divorce rate. As a wfm young woman, that seemed too good to be true. So I google searched: does abstinence lower divore rate and the ninth result on the first page was this article I was so excited to find a site like this. Now, I still don't really believe 100% that there is a lower divorce rate. I'm too paranoid to except such a wonderful fact. But regardless (and don't feel the need to assure me, I'm not disagreeing, just don't want to jinx myself), I really, really, really LOVE this site.
  20. Hey there.

    Hi. I'm new here. I'm a 19 years old, 5'4, black / mixed female. I plan on becoming an Internal Medicine Physician (Doctor) in the future. I consider myself Christian. I call it "Non-Traditional" Presbytarianism (Protestant). I seek the Bible for moral advice, believe in Jesus Christ and believe in God along with worshipping him. Honestly, I see Christianity as a way of life instead of solely a religion. I actually don't go to church at the moment - as I like to personally learn and study the Bible independently or with my family. I'd only go to church mainly if I'm particularly interested in listening to life experiences from other Christians or if I need help understanding the Bible more so. I added on the "Non-Traditional" part because do not participate in any religious traditions (such as Lent, "abstaining" from meat on Friday or baptism) since the Bible never states that such traditions are indeed mandatory (I eventually may get baptized though). That basically explains my religious views. I'm very logical when it comes to them. Since I am Christian, I "wait until marriage". However, in this day and age, I don't quite like that. In all honesty - I am Happy that I choose to wait until marriage. I Completely understand the logic of waiting and I understand that it's meant for people who really do love each other. However, and unfortunately, it's 2013. Hardly anyone Thinks like that anymore - and I HATE this! Seriously? Why are some people so "easy" for sex? This isn't even much of a moral or religious reason - just a classy one, for the most part. I feel nearly hopeless and that I won't find anyone who's willing to wait, and Realistically (as I've explained before) - I'm not even Extremely religious! I'm normal - and have urges just like those who Don't wait. It's just that - Me personally, If I'm gonna state that I'm an actual Christian - I'm going to actually be Christian to the fullest. I'll actually listen and Wait until marriage for sex. It's like now days, people who claim they're Christian don't even wait anymore! Yet if they do wait - they're VERY over religious or overbearring with their religion (Self-Righteous). That's one of the reasons why I don't quite want to try - I don't Want anyone like that. I just want an average Christian person who waits - like Me. I've already stated that I wait until marriage on a dating website - and it seems like no one really likes me Solely because of that. So I'm wondering.. "There just HAS to be a dating website for people to wait, just has to be." The only one I've found so far is - yet, I'm confused. - Is it a website for those with disabilities who Literally can Not have sex, or is it for people who wait until marriage??? Anywho, I was wondering if anyone's a bit hopeless like I am. Also, are there any dating websites Solely for people who actually wait until marriage? That would Really make me feel better. And I'm really sorry for feeling down or nagging, but that's how I feel - and since everyone on here has Some form of actual sense (lol), I was wondering if anyone else feels that way.
  21. New

    Hey guys! I usually do a lot of searches/reading online but I searched do guys wait till marriage anymore last night and came across one of Mikes articles, saw the responses then saw the link to the forums. I am so shocked there's a whole community like this. But in addition I feel such relief because I was recently feeling bummed about my choice to wait because I was talking to some friends' boyfriends of mine about why my last relationship failed. I only have one friend zi knowof whos a virgin but now I am very encouraged after reading some of the stories on here. I'm 24 and a virgin and my names Valerie. Originally I wasn't sure if I wanted to wait, but when the time came when I had a first boyfriend I just didnt feel comfortable having sex. I've done other things besides sex (is that weird to out my whole sex life on blast here? Haha) but always regretted those things as well. And as time went in in relationships and hidden details about the person I was dating unfolded it only reaffirmed my decision to wait. Nice to meet everyone on here and once again I can't tell you the sense of relief I feel thanks to Mike and everyone on here. Haha