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Found 4 results

  1. greetings everyone

    hi I am new on this forum , I am 27 year old Virgin male and I became physician in medicine at the moment I am working to reach stability financially, I have always had this question ? are there anyone like me ! but incidentally I found this website which made my day . sure thing , there are people who engaged such activities but in this community. but I believe there a lot more who are pure in such difficult time. of course virginty as starter is great however it's not everything but it's good start , after that the understanding , common goals that sense that he/she is the one ! personally I prefer someone like me with no past history in premarital sexual relationships (that what I want ) now I am going to enjoy my stay
  2. Hi! I have read the articles and I decided it was time to join. It's nice there is an online community supporting WTM and not slamming it like a lot of people. I love hockey and books. Not sure I did this right? Eh.
  3. New Member, saying Hi!

    Hi Everyone! My name is Arial Alexis, I am 19, and I am waiting until marriage. I can't believe I am just now finding this site, I've been an online outreacher for 5 years and you would think this site would have been high on my visit list, but even though I am just now finding it, I am so excited to be here. I am a published author, and am currently writing an ebook about my experience waiting. I hope to get to know everyone.
  4. Hi, everyone! *waves*

    Hi, guys! Evanescent_Beauty here! I'm a 24-year-old female grad student living in Boulder, CO (originally from Illinois) and hoping to meet some great people here! If you're wondering about my avatar, it's a picture of nightshade, which is sort of my totem flower. I found this site thanks to a friend. I decided to wait till marriage officially about a year ago because of some really bad past relationships. It seems that the heartache would have just been worse at the breakup if those relationships had included a physical component. Also, waiting seems to be a great gift for my future husband, and it's also known to be spiritually beneficial. It'll be nice getting to know y'all and it's great to know none of us are alone in our choice.