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Found 4 results

  1. I feel like its alot easier for guys to get a girl to wait then a girl who is commited. How should us girls approach the idea of getting a man to wait for us?
  2. 1 - 10. Scoring.

    How do you score girls and why? What are the things that going into deciding if a girl is a 10? ( I know this might be archaic but I always wanted to know)
  3. Theres this boy that has liked me since the 6th grade. It was somewhat embarrassing. I left that school 3 months in to the year and never saw him again. Flash forward 5 years and i add him as a friend on fb. Hoping to catch up, i talk to him. He then goes on this "i love you " rampage. I say well u only knew fe for 3 months (he was new to the school) but he said it didnt matter. I told him to drop it because theyres now way we could be together because we go to different hs. He said hell accept the challange.....i gave him my number before he said this and literaly every 10 txts we send he tells me he loves me one way or another. What is wrong with him? Should i even continue to talk to him?
  4. Racial Stereotypes

    Howdy to everyone, my names Ronnie and after like 9 months of membership this my first topic. I'm posting this in "ask the girls", as the opinions I'm seeking are foremost from the "ladyfolk". In case by my post on here its not clear, I'm an eccentric African-American male. I'm well educated, tall, athletic and I'm reasonably inexperienced. I'm a proud waiter, not that I go around bragging or anything, but the last girl I dated (1 of 2 girls) we only dated a couple of months, met online, anyhow after I told her we split, though amicably. My question since this is "ask" the girls... There seems to exists an unspoken rule or stereotype about black guys. I won't go all the way into all of them, however I'm gonna say that yes they exist, and we know they do but we never speak of them. Why? Why is it that I'm expected to like hiphop instead of say Red or Dizmas? (look them up) Why is it that Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, and some African-American girls, when they describe the "perfect" guy he's more often than not a caucasian dude. Not that I have any grudge or hard feelings against girls for having a "preference". Everyone does right? However, it seems so common, just curious about the reasons and why? Of course cultural, and familial acceptance is high on the list, but simply speaking from a human standpoint we're all Americans right? So our culture should have vast similarities. Opinions, thoughts, input please