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Found 10 results

  2. My Story :)

    Hi everyone ! I have a story to share with you ... I'm a Muslim and waiting however , life wasn't always that easy . I had difficult times , struggling with myself . every night I talked to God and told him that the whole world is not practicing this way of life anymore ...that I feel so lonely ... so disappointed ... one day , I asked him to show me a sign ... something from him to calm me down . and he did ( which is very personal and I can't write it here). If you believe in God , let me tell you something : God will never leave , he's the only one who never sleeps. late at night , when everyone's sleeping , you can talk to him. He exists , as much as you believe in him and if you ask him to show you his signs , with all your heart , he will ... at the end , I should say that I'm so happy to find this community , with ppl from different nationalities and backgrounds ! PS : I should confess that I was surprised to see many Christians still practicing Wait till marriage ^^ PSS : I know that there are some non-religious people ( Practicing WTM for non-religious reasons ) , It shocked me even more
  3. hey im Josh

    whats up everybody? my name is Josh and im 19. i'm so glad i found this sight, its really great to know that i'm not the only one, haha. I'm from Toronto, Ontario (that's in Canada) and ill be starting university this September. the main reason why i'm deciding to wait is because of my own personal beliefs and my christian faith. i believe that love between 2 individuals is the most beautiful thing imaginable. i don't want to ruin that by being selfish and thinking only about my own needs. i really want to share that intimate experience only with the one person i truly love and want to spend the rest of my life with. i'm also a strong christian. I've recently decided to get serious with my faith and seek Jesus. i find it terrible how society puts so much pressure on us to have sex outside marriage. society tells us that its impressive if you have a high "kill count" people feel that if you haven't lost it at a certain age something is wrong with you. i never met anyone who made this commitment where i'm from. I feel embarrassed telling people that i'm waiting until marriage, but thank God i found this sight so i have hope and i know that i'm not alone! sorry for the long post, feel free to message or email me if you want to chat, stay strong brothers and sisters, take care, and God bless, -josh
  4. Thought you were gonna read about the reasons why I'm waiting until I'm married to DD to have sex?? Sorry, this is actually by the founder of Made in His Image. Still really good though. Great for those of you who are waiting and Christian. ~Sally
  5. When my group of friends talk about God and religion, I get really sad. They are all atheists, with the exception of one guy, who's also in my class. Some of them, believe there is a God, or something of greater power, but obviously don't live a very religious lifestyle (especially with what they talk about (sex, religion, etc)). Lately they were having a discussion about religion, and were joking about having a religion involving Star Wars, which I found quite amusing to listen to (I am quite good at tuning out of their anti-Christianity stuff), but anyway, they started talking about hell. Then this really lively and feisty discussion started about going to hell, and how they don't care about going to hell, because they'll 'rule the place' and they think it's going to be amazing and etc etc. In principal, I don't mind dealing with things like that, but they just kept going on and on and on, and eventually I got so pissed/sad that I was on the verge of crying, until I sought out that one Christian guy from the class, who eventually calmed me down. I don't know what to do? I love my friends a lot, and they usually aren't 'bad' people, they don't usually get drunk, none of them smoke/do drugs, and we're all very respectful towards one another. Just lately, they've been talking about alcohol and religion a lot, and even though they're not directly 'attacking' my opinion, I always feel very alone in this, and sad. And help/tips? Thanks!
  6. Is God Waiting On Me?

    I'm someone who grew up in the church. Before moving an hour away from my hometown, I was the girl who went to church every Sunday and Wednesday, was in the choir, and was just very involved. Even though I did all of these things, I have still always felt like I wasn't doing enough or my relationship with God was not where it needed to be. I don't read and study my bible like I know I should. I also know I don't pray and talk to God as much as I need to. I think about this every day. I tell myself tomorrow is going to be different. I'm going to do what I need to do. And the next day, still, nothing changes. I sometimes feel like God knows where he wants me to be and he knows that I am not ready personally, spiritually, emotionally, etc. for a relationship or marriage? Has anyone ever felt like this before? Since I already know what's wrong with me, is God waiting on me to change, handle my responsibilities, and mold myself so that I will be a better person for the man He is going to send my way? I guess I'm just looking for your opinions on the matter...
  7. Hey everyone! My name's Natasha. Just wanted to extend some blessings and encouragment. Keep holding out because in so doing, you are honoring and pleasing God and protecting yourself so it's a win-win-win! I'm super passionate about purity before marriage and got lots of advice on relationships (since I've gone through 53 toads since Kindergarten), on my blog .I hope you can get something out of it. Know your worth! -Natasha
  8. I am in need of some help. I am in a relationship (recently got engaged) and I love my fiance. She is the light of my life and I know that she is my soulmate. I can’t imagine myself with anyone else, and I know God has shown me that she is the one. Both of us have a sexual history with other partners, but mine was definitely worse. I have always wanted to be happily married to one woman and one woman only for my whole life. However, most of my past relationships were very brief. Due to this, I was naive in the area of long term relationships and it has caused me to hurt my fiance in many ways. I was at first very open about my past, in fact too open to the point where she became angry with me. Because of this when confronted with women I knew and questioned about my past with them, I lied or tried to brush it off because I knew it would upset her, which was obviously a horrible and wrong thing to do. I can’t fully explain why I did it, I feel that I had been a liar in the past so unfortunately my knee jerk reaction in pressure situations was to do just that. As well, in our early days of dating I shared with her that I had watched pornography while we were dating. This is something that I had struggled with since my teenage years. I had always wanted it out of my life, but could never seem to do it. When I told her about it she explained to me that to her, it is no different than cheating and I agree with her. Because of her I no longer watch pornography. As well, one of my ex’s is of a different race. This has given my fiance lots of doubt in that she is even the “type†of woman I want. I try to reassure her that even though I was attracted to a woman of a different race at one point it does not mean I have some sort of preference to a certain race of person. It is still hard for her to believe this because she is attracted only to men of my race. Early in our relationship I still had a facebook account. I am part of a network marketing company, so I try to keep open ties to people in case of possible business in the future. I had also lied to my fiance about going to coffee’s with other girls because I thought it would upset her, which again I know was wrong. I have had my facebook account deactive for the past 6 months and I reactivated it today to remove everything from my pages and permanently delete it. When I did this, she viewed my wall on her phone and became upset about women writing on it from before I had deactivated it, but while we were still dating. That is why I am writing you now because we just had one of our biggest fights about that. I feel like such a horrible person because of all of these problems. Because of my horrible decisions in the past and early in our relationship I cause the woman I love most in this world a lot of pain. I’m not asking for sympathy or a message talking about what we both can change. I am the one who wronged her, and I need to know what I can do to show her that I love her more than anything on earth, I would do anything for her, and no woman in my past, present, or future will ever, ever change that. I know the main reason I am still hurting her is because I broke her trust. I know this may take years or even a lifetime to restore, but I am willing to go through all of that for her. If you can offer any guidance (scripture to read) it would be most appreciated. Thank you
  9. THE SEX POEM Good morning guys and gals, check out this poem I wrote a while back on the topic of sex. I pray it inspires someone.