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Found 2 results

  1. Salut tout le monde! I just discovered this website Sunday evening, so I'm very much a newbie. I've been married exactly one month. My husband and I both successfully saved coitus for marriage. I've been blogging about sex and virginity for 2 1/2 years now at Finding My Virginity (formerly Confessions of a Virgin). I'm extremely candid about sex, and I think a reluctance to talk about it beyond "don't do it" is a big problem within Christianity today. I try to be very precise in my language, which is why I prefer the word "coitus" over "sex." I don't believe in sexual purity, and I don't believe that premarital sex is a sin. I'm a feminist, an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, and a proponent of healthy sexual relationships. I spend a LOT of time talking about consent and rape culture, issues that (again) not enough Christians are tackling today. You will see me online as Belle Vierge, although I've tried to change most of my anonymous names to Belle Femme. My husband is either Beau Vierge or Beau Homme. Using our real names would inhibit our honesty online. I'm bisexual, but I fell in love with Beau before I had a chance to date any women. I have made out with both men and women, however. Feel free to ask me anything! Y'all can contact me privately, or ask me questions in the Ask a Successful Waiter thread, or ask me questions in the Adult thread, or whatever is comfortable for you. If I'm slow to reply this week, it's because we have our last two wedding receptions on Saturday, so wedding stuff is taking up a lot of my time. I think that's it, so... Merci, au revoir!
  2. Over the top? dont care? agree? I was just curious to what you all thought of this.