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Found 12 results

  1. I find it interesting/disheartening that some people try to claim someone else isn't really of their religion because of reasons. Within Christianity, there are Catholics, Orthodox believers, Presbyterians, Baptists, non-denominational believers, Mormons, and hundreds of other designations, each with a specific, slightly different theology. I don't know much about other religions, and I'm interested to learn more! How would you describe the most important aspect of your religion? For example, as a Christian, my most important beliefs are: 1) God is our Creator 2) Jesus is our Savior Is there more than that? Of course, but those are the absolute core tenets of my faith. What are yours?
  2. TL;DR Bible

    Hey, guys! Saw this article on ChurchPop and had to share it... (Don't worry, it's short) xxx
  3. I just read this beautiful and very honest piece from Deeper Story on saving sex until marriage. I love how the writer explains the way her stance on waiting changed as she grew older, how her mother's circumstances influenced her, and her navigation of dating.
  4. Salut tout le monde! I just discovered this website Sunday evening, so I'm very much a newbie. I've been married exactly one month. My husband and I both successfully saved coitus for marriage. I've been blogging about sex and virginity for 2 1/2 years now at Finding My Virginity (formerly Confessions of a Virgin). I'm extremely candid about sex, and I think a reluctance to talk about it beyond "don't do it" is a big problem within Christianity today. I try to be very precise in my language, which is why I prefer the word "coitus" over "sex." I don't believe in sexual purity, and I don't believe that premarital sex is a sin. I'm a feminist, an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, and a proponent of healthy sexual relationships. I spend a LOT of time talking about consent and rape culture, issues that (again) not enough Christians are tackling today. You will see me online as Belle Vierge, although I've tried to change most of my anonymous names to Belle Femme. My husband is either Beau Vierge or Beau Homme. Using our real names would inhibit our honesty online. I'm bisexual, but I fell in love with Beau before I had a chance to date any women. I have made out with both men and women, however. Feel free to ask me anything! Y'all can contact me privately, or ask me questions in the Ask a Successful Waiter thread, or ask me questions in the Adult thread, or whatever is comfortable for you. If I'm slow to reply this week, it's because we have our last two wedding receptions on Saturday, so wedding stuff is taking up a lot of my time. I think that's it, so... Merci, au revoir!
  5. Who is your favourite saint?

    Hey, guys! So, in the honour of All Saints Day (hope all the Catholics here remembered Mass!), thought I'd ask...Who's your favourite saint? Say more than one if you can't make up your mind! I'll go first... St Catherine of Siena: My Confirmation saint! Doctor of the Church, stigmatic, mystic, wrote awesome stuff, had visions...Plus, her body's incorrupt, so some day I'll go see her head. It's in a fancy case. St Lawrence: Used to be my all-time favourite saint. He's said to have laughed all the way through his martyrdom, when he was put on a griddle and roasted to death over a fire. Therefore, he was made patron saint of comedians. And cooks, because the Church has a weird sense of humour. St Maria Goretti: One of the youngest canonised saints. Killed fending off an attacker, who she forgave before her death. St Gianna Molla: A mother who gave her life for her unborn daughter, going above and beyond the call of duty. Those are some of my favourites. Your turn! xxx
  6. Made in His Image

    For those of you on facebook, check out: Look at the first post: "The only safe sex is between husband and wife" #reallove
  7. Christianity and Virginity

    Hey, guys! Found this really great Christian article about dealing with a partner's sexual past. Your thoughts? xxx
  8. The other day, I went to church and after service we had a picnic. I started talking to another church member and we got on the topic of marriage. She told me she was married at one time but divorced him. She realized he was not Mr. Right even though he was in church, he even went to the same church she did. However, she never had any kids which she regrets now because the marriage didn't last and now she's too old to have any even if Mr. right were to be revealed to her now and she doesn't date. She also was celibate until she married this guy so of course she had no other opportunity to have kids because she was trying to do what she thought was right. He actually disappeared one day and she filed for divorce but it's currently in limbo. After she told me all this, I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Now that I thin about it, there are probably a lot of Christians and women in general who have this problem. This topic kind of hits close to home with me because I'm almost done with college but there seems to be no prospects of any guy being the one for me that I've met so far. Sometimes this scared me because i'm in my 20's so I have a while before my biological clock starts ticking but I think sometimes about what would happen if I meet the one or who I think is the one when i'm too old to have children. I really want to have kids, not this very second but sometime after I graduate college. I also know in this day and age, getting married and then having kids isn't that common but that's how I want it to be for me. My question is what would you do if you decided to become celibate for religious reasons until you get married but miss out on having kids due to age because you got married later in your life or because your relationship didn't work out before you had a chance to get pregnant?
  9. Sin vs. Sin

    So I was thinking one day about how some people especially certain church members who think they can do nothing wrong and I guess people in general who think this way. These kind of people are judgmental. I should know because I used to go to a church with a lot of people like this and I always felt judged. They would always say things like under no circumstances should you have sex before marriage or basically commit any kind of sins, especially sexual sins(fornication, masturbation, etc). So got to thinking, no sin is bigger or worse than another sin regardless of what type of sin or whether the sin is repeated. Then I thought how interesting it is that in a legal standpoint, this isn't the case. The punishment for criminals varies depending on what they did. For example, a rapist would probably get more time in jail than somebody who stole something from a store. I wanted to know why is it that we tend to frown down on certain sins or even justify certain sins over others? In other words why is it that people tend to frown on sexual sins over other sins?
  10. Check this out! It just came out on Relevant Magazine's website. Some of it seems common sense, BUT there are a few good points to keep in mind---as I've noticed friends who fit into different situations that they talk about.
  11. Just thought those of you who are still in high school could benefit from this!
  12. I am a person who used to read my Virgo horoscope every single day. This was only for fun. I don't do it so much anymore, but I will occasionally read about the Virgo sign and think "Wow. This sounds so much like me." There is so much more to astrology than daily horoscopes, though. There are zodiac signs, charts, predictions, etc. I've never gotten into it that deep, but I started to wonder if reading my horoscope was in some way going against my religion. Here is an article that states that astrology is in the bible: Here is one that states the negatives of astrology: ( I googled and these were the first links to come up ) How do you all feel about this? Am I thinking too much into it?