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Found 4 results

  1. TL;DR Bible

    Hey, guys! Saw this article on ChurchPop and had to share it... (Don't worry, it's short) xxx
  2. Sin vs. Sin

    So I was thinking one day about how some people especially certain church members who think they can do nothing wrong and I guess people in general who think this way. These kind of people are judgmental. I should know because I used to go to a church with a lot of people like this and I always felt judged. They would always say things like under no circumstances should you have sex before marriage or basically commit any kind of sins, especially sexual sins(fornication, masturbation, etc). So got to thinking, no sin is bigger or worse than another sin regardless of what type of sin or whether the sin is repeated. Then I thought how interesting it is that in a legal standpoint, this isn't the case. The punishment for criminals varies depending on what they did. For example, a rapist would probably get more time in jail than somebody who stole something from a store. I wanted to know why is it that we tend to frown down on certain sins or even justify certain sins over others? In other words why is it that people tend to frown on sexual sins over other sins?
  3. Hello I'm Amber :)

    Hello, I'm new here(first day) and I signed up once I saw this forum from Google. I'm 22 years old and a student at University of Wisconsin. I'm really attracted to health careers so, I recently switched majors from Business to Biomedical Science. Majoring in Biomedical Science will help me become a dietitian, nutritionist, or even a doctor. I love traveling, watching movies, listening to music, and shopping. I'm also very interested in other cultures and languages. I really like going to new places. I plan to travel to France and South Korea someday, so I'm learning both languages. I decided that I would remain a virgin until marriage when I was 15. I thought the usual thoughts about sex with having sex with your boyfriend and just remembering to use protection. That was until Rebecca St. James was talking about waiting on the Gospel Music Channel. This was actually a year before I started dating, so she persuaded me right on time. I read my Bible, said a prayer and began writing letters to my husband shortly after. I'm really glad I found this site and I really hope that someday everyone will see the importance of waiting till marriage.
  4. Polygamy in the Bible?

    Okay. So you know how there's that story of the 10 virgins, 5 wise 5 unwise? Only the 5 ready with oil were able to marry the guy (Matthew 25: 1-13). Well what Im wondering is, why would that be promoted in the bible to have multiple wives? Then another story talks about Jacob loving one wife more than the others, then another wanting to marry Rachel and then the sister tricking him and him marrying the sister after working for the dad for 7 years then another 7 just to marry Rachel and have them both as wives. (Genesis 29:18) Point being, how can God be okay with allowing a man multiple wives? I wouldn't feel comfortable in a polygamous relationship at all.