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Found 2 results

  1. As the title says, I am a 28 year old Virgin and I am saving myself as well as waiting until marriage to have sexual intercourse. Why? Because it is my choice and I want to wait until then because I think it is the right thing to do. But I honestly don't think my guy exists. I would love to find a guy that is a Virgin but he has to also have the following qualities, has to have a job, education, car, be able to drive, has his own place or lives at home with family or even roommates etc. BUT also he must NOT drink, smoke, or do drugs, nor must he have or want to have kids. AND he must be into metal, rock, and punk music, and love going to concerts, listening to the heavier sides of these music genres, black metal, death metal, deathcore, hardcore, metalcore, screamo, thrash, etc. Enjoy headbanging, mosh pits, crowd surfing, etc. Me finding a guy that meets ALL of these things isn't easy and it hurts me. I really am tempted to just give up because no man will want me.
  2. Introduction

    Hi My name is Samantha I'm 28 years old, I believe in waiting til marriage always did. Even as a young child I always had a pure mindset. I'm just looking for people who share my believes I feel mighty alone in my plight of believes. I failed many times on my believes I'm not perfect. If anyone wants to chat with me message me I hope I can find a few people to chat with. Thanks I'm glad I found this site. Nice to know maybe there someone out there who thinks like me. I'm not letting go of my believes anymore nor I'm I going to settle for less neither should any of you. God Bless