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Found 1 result

  1. Becoming an Atheist

    First off hi everyone I hope you're all well I haven't been here in a while but I wanted to share something. For a while now (I guess it's been a process of a year or two) I've been less and less convinced of God. It started out as being less and less convinced of the Christian God and specifically the form of Christianity I was raised with. Just so many things don't add up and I couldn't make myself ignore them. For a while I still believed in some sort of creator then that declined to universal consciousness of some sort. And you know, my belief just got more and more vague. And now I've recently in the last couple of months actually started to use the term atheist to describe myself. I'm still WTM which I know some people might think is odd but that decision was never majorly based on my religious views to begin with. That's it. I have participated in a few religious topics in the past on here and/or given responses based on a Christian view and have even found encouragement in the belief of others here so I guess that's why I felt I should share this with you. Is anyone else formerly religious? Did you go through a sort of process or did it all just hit you at once one day? I wasn't sure what topic to post this in. Does atheist stuff go with "religion" though it is the lack of it?