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Found 1 result

  1. Wedding planning

    Inspired by the recent "weddings" topic Anybody else in the midst of wedding planning? Personally, I have NOT enjoyed a majority of it so far! I am so indecisive and I am not enjoying how expensive it is getting.. although we are very fortunate that our parents are helping us out quite a bit with the cost! I was SO overwhelmed at the beginning of planning after we got engaged, but it is getting better now that most of the big things are planned.. venues for ceremony & reception, the cake, I have my dress and bridesmaid/MOH have theirs, honeymoon is booked (cruise around the bahamas!), flowers tentatively figured out, many of the decorations for ceremony and reception are semi figured out, and also recently also decided on a couple to DJ/ run karaoke for the reception which I think will be SO fun! I still have some other things to figure out- hair and makeup for us the day of (I think I know where I want to go, just need to contact them) and some other decoration stuff but overall I am feeling very good about it and we are still 5 months out! We often joke that we should have just eloped, though.. It feels like planning is more trouble than its worth. People will still find something to complain about anyway we are too deep in to change our minds now, though haha. If you are married, did you enjoy the planning or find it stressful? If you are not married, are you looking forward to wedding planning?