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Found 1 result

  1. Animal behaviors

    For those that have pets do you notice if whether or not your pets take on a certain personality? and if so do you think they can develop personalities from their owner? My mom has two dogs with two opposite personalities; Coco is super sweet, well behaved, shy and very careful/ladylike. Halo is sometimes sweet but evil, she's bratty, always growls and start fights with coco all the time. I notice little funny things like if its late in the evening and people are up talking, Coco will quietly leave the room to go to sleep, sometimes she gives a look before leaving the room. Halo on the other hand will growl and bark first and if people continue to talk then she leaves the room. And if someone is using is foul language or an angered tone (not towards the dogs) Coco will immediately tip toe out of the room with her ears back and her tail low. While Halo will come running out to the person and sit next them or try to get into their lap and stare as if she is trying to understand why that person is upset. And the foul language doesnt have to be in an angered tone if someone were to just curse in a soft voice Coco will immediately give a disappointed look and walk into another room, she does not like curse words at all, the look she gives is quite funny actually.