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Found 4 results

  1. Lifestyle Choices

    Hi. Long time commentor, first time poster. I was just wondering what sort of lifestyle everyone would ideally like to live? I mean, we all probably want to get married, but what then? Do you want to live in the country? The city? Do you want kids? How many? Stay at home dad/mom? Jet-setting? M.A.S.H. time!
  2. I'm asking both guys and girls this, in the different forums. I'm curios about what my be the same and what might be different. GIRLS: What kinds of things are you most looking forward to when you're married? Aside from the obvious. We are all here for the same reason. So, we don't need to talk about that. It can be a serious thing, or fun and playful. Whatever you may have thought about what you'd like your marriage to be like. I'll start. I just want simple things. Some of them may seem weird. -To watch him shave and we just talk. Or, maybe he just listens and nods. He likes to listen to me ramble. I'm sure of it. lol -Cuddling on the couch while watching a bad movie, and mocking it (or turning the sound off and making up our own lines). Or, even a great movie, and just being quiet. -Knowing that there will ALWAYS be at least one person to lean on when I'm down, or even at a party and uncomfortable. I'd do the same for him. -Talking. Just random talks, about anything from the serious to the fun. -Those goofy-oh-so-nauseating couple 'selfies' you see on facebook. Yeah, I want a few of those, but not too many. I don't want to make myself too sick. There's a few of mine. Of course, most of these can be done while courting, but knowing that they've chosen me to do all of lifes stuff with for as long as we can together. Yeah, that makes this stuff even better.
  3. Salut tout le monde! I just discovered this website Sunday evening, so I'm very much a newbie. I've been married exactly one month. My husband and I both successfully saved coitus for marriage. I've been blogging about sex and virginity for 2 1/2 years now at Finding My Virginity (formerly Confessions of a Virgin). I'm extremely candid about sex, and I think a reluctance to talk about it beyond "don't do it" is a big problem within Christianity today. I try to be very precise in my language, which is why I prefer the word "coitus" over "sex." I don't believe in sexual purity, and I don't believe that premarital sex is a sin. I'm a feminist, an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, and a proponent of healthy sexual relationships. I spend a LOT of time talking about consent and rape culture, issues that (again) not enough Christians are tackling today. You will see me online as Belle Vierge, although I've tried to change most of my anonymous names to Belle Femme. My husband is either Beau Vierge or Beau Homme. Using our real names would inhibit our honesty online. I'm bisexual, but I fell in love with Beau before I had a chance to date any women. I have made out with both men and women, however. Feel free to ask me anything! Y'all can contact me privately, or ask me questions in the Ask a Successful Waiter thread, or ask me questions in the Adult thread, or whatever is comfortable for you. If I'm slow to reply this week, it's because we have our last two wedding receptions on Saturday, so wedding stuff is taking up a lot of my time. I think that's it, so... Merci, au revoir!
  4. Hey WTM community! I had a quick question. I know The two successful waiters are Jennifer and Ian, and that AussieStig is currently an engaged waiter. I was wondering if that was all, because this evening I was going to tell my best friend, a successful waiter of 30 years, about this site. I was just making sure that i'm not missing anyone. Thanks for your time everyone! It's much appreciated!!!