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Found 2 results

  1. Well, hello strangers. I didn't know that this site existed before today. Thought that I would check it out. Going to go and look around.
  2. I do. Not in a gold digger way. I plan to go to under and graduate school. I WILL have a high paying job. Money is extremely important because without it i can do anything with my life. I firmly believe money can buy happiness. Id rather cry in a Lexus than on bike. Even my mom said that was a good goal. I don't want to be the main provider incase i lose my job. But my husband will have a CAREER not a job. Doesn't matter how much i love him love will not pay the bills! No security guard, retail worker. An engineer,professor, business man etc. as you can see, money is important factor in my choosing a husband. Im high middle class myself, so i won't settle for less. Its harsh, i know. I wasn't taught that money is everything. If you make under 40K, then i wont bother with you. In my life i don't want to struggle financially when possible. Who would want to live in fear of not being able to be financially secure? But ive gotta admit, im also a material girl. Can anyone relate.