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Found 10 results

  1. Like a few others, still leaning how to navigate through however very thankful and grateful that there are many who share with me this discipline and hold on to hope. We not only hope but do the right thing, you do not know how much this decision to wait till marriage protects you - many things are behind scenes. I encourage you to keep up the standards.
  2. Mixed Marriages???

    I don't know if this topic has been done before yet, and if it has I apologize. I was really curious on people's thoughts regarding mixed marriages. Where the husband and wife share different faiths and raise their children with religious 'freedom'. Do you feel that mixed marriages are ok? Do you feel that a mixed marriage would survive all the difficulties of raising a family? Do you think it is possible for two people of differing faiths to understand and accept their spouse's faith? And do you think you could ever marry a person of a different faith (converting or not)? Now I can already hear all the spines cracking on people's bibles, and the rocks being gathered to cast the first stone. Bear in mind that this post is not designed for others to unleash their hatred for another religion by saying it is a blasphemous thought, or for people to preach to those who do think it is to have a mixed marriage. I personally come from a mixed marriage family, as do my parents. My father's parents were Catholic (Grandfather) and Lutheran (Grandmother) while my mother's parents were non-religious (Grandfather) and Jehova's Witness (Grandmother). My father was raised Catholic and my mother was raised Jehova's Witness, and when my parents married my mother converted to Catholicism. My siblings and I were all raised Catholic but were also taught that there were many roads to God. Through the years we have all learned to trust in our own faith. Myself converting to Christisnity, my brother converting is Islam, and both of our sisters remaining Catholic. When we go home for holidays or to see one another, we don't see religion we just see the people we have always loved. I have always believed that love transcends religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, and so much more. Love is what keeps my family and I together. I personally have no problem marrying a woman of a different religion because my faith is my own.if we had children I wouldn't force our children to share my faith and I wouldn't want to. I would want them to freely choose their own path to God, and to trust that He loves them far more than I ever could. Sure there would be difficulties, like going to church for example. Another would be teaching them that all roads lead to the same place, something i'm sure not everyone agrees with. Then there are the religious holidays and family members that wouldn't agree or approve of our marriage. In all honesty, my parents could care less who I marry as long as that person made me happy. I'm not here to advocate for one religion over another or to say you should agree with my beliefs on mixed marriages. Everyone had their own beliefs on this topic and reasons for why they feel that way.
  3. Hello, everyone. My name is Steph. I came here after a friend suggested I find a website that promotes, encourages, and supports waiting until marriage. This was after getting upset that for hundredth (I exaggerate, but you get the picture) time of meeting men on dating sites who just want casual sex. At the age of 27, I made a decision and a promise to God that the next time I chose to be intimate with a man would be on my wedding night. That was 7 years ago and now I'm in my mid 30s. This was after going through difficult personal experiences and also based on my faith. It has made dating and the prospect of finding a lifelong partner very difficult. However, I'm determined to not give up, but to keep to my values. So, my friend said I needed to find like-minded people---both men and women---who are in agreement with this value and understand it. I followed her suggestion and put in Google "people waiting until sex for marriage dating forum" and this came up. So I signed up and here I am. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.
  4. Introduction

    Hi My name is Samantha I'm 28 years old, I believe in waiting til marriage always did. Even as a young child I always had a pure mindset. I'm just looking for people who share my believes I feel mighty alone in my plight of believes. I failed many times on my believes I'm not perfect. If anyone wants to chat with me message me I hope I can find a few people to chat with. Thanks I'm glad I found this site. Nice to know maybe there someone out there who thinks like me. I'm not letting go of my believes anymore nor I'm I going to settle for less neither should any of you. God Bless
  5. Ask a Catholic! (i.e, me...)

    Hey, guys! So I thought I'd start this little thread for a few reasons: Firstly, because over the course of the year or so I've been a member of this site, there's probably been at least a dozen occasions where I've been asked: "So Jegs, what does the Catholic Church say about [this thing]?". So I thought it'd be a good idea to have a thread where you can ask me questions and whatnot. Secondly, because if I'm honest, I really enjoy answering the questions! I'm not sure why...It's maybe just because it's like school when the teacher asks the class a question, and you get this thrill of: "Oh! Oh! Oh! I know this one!" (I get the same thrill if people ask me a question about the Phantom of the Opera, too...) And thirdly, I think it's a good idea for people - and not just Catholics - to keep expanding their knowledge about their faith and what they believe. So if anyone asks me something to which I honestly don't know the answer to, then I know that's an area I need to learn more about. And even if I do know, I still have to go away and gather evidence and arguments and whatnot. So you guys get an answer, and I get to learn more about my faith, so it's really win-win! So, if anyone has a question, fire away! And I'll try and get back to you as quickly as I can. Oh, and feel free to start your own "Ask a..." thread, if you're non-Catholic, and want to answer people's questions about your own faith. I figure it's a good way to learn from each other, and whatnot... xxx P.S. You could use this thread to ask me questions about the Phantom of the Opera, too, if you like...
  6. I find it interesting/disheartening that some people try to claim someone else isn't really of their religion because of reasons. Within Christianity, there are Catholics, Orthodox believers, Presbyterians, Baptists, non-denominational believers, Mormons, and hundreds of other designations, each with a specific, slightly different theology. I don't know much about other religions, and I'm interested to learn more! How would you describe the most important aspect of your religion? For example, as a Christian, my most important beliefs are: 1) God is our Creator 2) Jesus is our Savior Is there more than that? Of course, but those are the absolute core tenets of my faith. What are yours?
  7. "Spiritual, but not religious"

    I've known a lot of people over the years who have described themselves as "spiritual, but not religious," but I've never known exactly how to interpret that. It seems like everyone has a different meaning to the phrase, some with specific undefinable beliefs, and then some who seem to use it just as a way to avoid saying that they're an atheist or agnostic. So, I'm curious. What do you assume someone means when he/she identifies as "spiritual, but not religious"? Or, if you identify as that and feel comfortable talking about it, what does the phrase mean to you?
  8. Just asking as I'm feeling very down at the moment and need some affirmation that I'm not just an out of touch person on this issue. I'm the only person I know barring a few people who abstain for purely cultural reasons, that holds true to the idea of abstinence. I'm 23,good looking handsome man (I was crowned most handsome at school prom) with good personality , therefore, I have a lot of chances and I mean it , with a lot of hot girls , I must confess that my faith is being tested here , my problem is I can't hold my self any more, I broke up with my last girlfriend because our relationship was developing very fast and she's welcoming having sex , the problem is I can't have sex before marriage , not because I like her a little mean I can have sex with her , I wanna wait for the right person for me , to develop my love correctly having sex after marriage ... I was bought up by religious parents. They were easy going, allowed me to make my own decisions etc, so the decision to actually abstain from sex has been a cross I've made for my own back. I believe wholeheartedly in the idea of love, with which comes of holding yourself for that one special person. I still do, and even though I am in a very promiscuous setting (university) and though temptation has very nearly gotten hold of me manys a time, I've been able to keep to it as I said before , but its getting harder and harder , I'm a man , and there is this need , you know .. However as mentioned before, I haven't met ANYONE who holds the same values as me, the suitable one .. the one I truly love from the bottom of my heart. And I began questioning my way of living , Is it right or NOT …. The only thing I'm thinking of right now is Having sex .. Its now 4 months .. I locked up myself in my room , wasting my time watching dramas over and over and other stuff , passing time .. I've become antisocial , I guess .. switched off my mobile , talking to my friends through Facebook chat ,, thats my life now .. I know it sounds very petty and selfish to be thinking about myself in such a way, but it's gnawing away at me insidiously. Making me doubt myself. The odd reactions and jokes I get from people I can take, but I want to know that I'm doing the right thing, not just some childlike notion of love. And alot of questions I need someone to answer me , comfort me !!! Does anyone of my generation still believe in the idea of no sex before marriage, or am I a relic with antiquated views? I also need to know about u guyz ur experiences , ur culture , ur country views each !! what if I'll never meet my soulmate , the one true love , wait till 30s , or 40s ... For me marrying a virgin girl who believes in what I believe is important for me , I don't know If I can accept a girl with previous sexual relations even once , even if she has regrets .. so its like impossible for me to meet someone .. I'm deeply dark depressed , I'm afraid of the future .. help .. I need to talk to someone .. I'm going insane .. Thanks
  9. Made in His Image

    For those of you on facebook, check out: Look at the first post: "The only safe sex is between husband and wife" #reallove
  10. Just thought those of you who are still in high school could benefit from this!