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Found 5 results

  1. Yesterday, Mother Angelica, founder of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) passed away after a long illness. Whilst I was never an avid watcher of her TV show (EWTN isn't quite as mainstream here in the UK), the few times I've heard her speak, I've always been very moved by her faith and her witness to Jesus. Here's a little clip from the end of one of her live shows, where I think you can get a real sense of her faith and her warm personality: Anyway, just wanted to bring her to people's attention since I've always found her very inspiring. Please pray for her and for her fellow sisters at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery. xxx
  2. The Saint That is Just Me

    Hey, guys! Heard this song at Adoration last week and thought some of you might like it. It's quite Catholic, but I think the non-Catholic Christians will enjoy it, too. Oh, heck, the non-Christians will probably like it as well (it's so pretty!) Anyway, enjoy! xxx
  3. I had to post this song...

    Hey guys! Heard this song last night, and it's been stuck in my head ever since. I love the visuals, too. The video just looks beautiful. Enjoy, and tell me what you think of it! xxx
  4. Who is your favourite saint?

    Hey, guys! So, in the honour of All Saints Day (hope all the Catholics here remembered Mass!), thought I'd ask...Who's your favourite saint? Say more than one if you can't make up your mind! I'll go first... St Catherine of Siena: My Confirmation saint! Doctor of the Church, stigmatic, mystic, wrote awesome stuff, had visions...Plus, her body's incorrupt, so some day I'll go see her head. It's in a fancy case. St Lawrence: Used to be my all-time favourite saint. He's said to have laughed all the way through his martyrdom, when he was put on a griddle and roasted to death over a fire. Therefore, he was made patron saint of comedians. And cooks, because the Church has a weird sense of humour. St Maria Goretti: One of the youngest canonised saints. Killed fending off an attacker, who she forgave before her death. St Gianna Molla: A mother who gave her life for her unborn daughter, going above and beyond the call of duty. Those are some of my favourites. Your turn! xxx
  5. Ask a Catholic! (i.e, me...)

    Hey, guys! So I thought I'd start this little thread for a few reasons: Firstly, because over the course of the year or so I've been a member of this site, there's probably been at least a dozen occasions where I've been asked: "So Jegs, what does the Catholic Church say about [this thing]?". So I thought it'd be a good idea to have a thread where you can ask me questions and whatnot. Secondly, because if I'm honest, I really enjoy answering the questions! I'm not sure why...It's maybe just because it's like school when the teacher asks the class a question, and you get this thrill of: "Oh! Oh! Oh! I know this one!" (I get the same thrill if people ask me a question about the Phantom of the Opera, too...) And thirdly, I think it's a good idea for people - and not just Catholics - to keep expanding their knowledge about their faith and what they believe. So if anyone asks me something to which I honestly don't know the answer to, then I know that's an area I need to learn more about. And even if I do know, I still have to go away and gather evidence and arguments and whatnot. So you guys get an answer, and I get to learn more about my faith, so it's really win-win! So, if anyone has a question, fire away! And I'll try and get back to you as quickly as I can. Oh, and feel free to start your own "Ask a..." thread, if you're non-Catholic, and want to answer people's questions about your own faith. I figure it's a good way to learn from each other, and whatnot... xxx P.S. You could use this thread to ask me questions about the Phantom of the Opera, too, if you like...