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Found 1 result

  1. Marriage now Children?

    *Sigh* I have been thinking about the things that I do and dont want in life and I honestly don't see myself having children. I feel if I did have them it would be for selfish reasons which isnt right, this world is filled with horrible things and there are already children out there that need genuine love and care. Since I was a kid I've always wanted to adopt because of those reasons. Ive had a rough life and if there is a chance that I can change a childs life for the better I will take it...but Im still on the fence with that since I cant stand misbehaving children and children in general can be annoying, I like my quiet days lol. I do know in my heart that if I dont have kids I wont feel like I've missed out, but the feeling of adoption may still occur in my heart. This makes me nervous about WTM being more difficult because most if not all men who are WTM will want children and Im on a different path. But I do have hope because a friend of mine WTM and her and her husband dont want kids for good reasons. My question for males What do you think about adoption? Do you feel you have to have your own children to pass along the genes? if not then why do you want children? Would a woman that does not want children AT ALL be a deal breaker? even if everything else is perfect is it that important? for those of you that dont want adoption what if you found out your wife was barren? then what? If you agree to adoption how soon do you want the children? I say this because Im no where near ready give me another 10 years and then I'll think about it. Or maybe I'm over thinking things its just that lately the guys that I meet all want the typical housewife with children and that's just not me. But then when I see guys saying they dont want kids I get nervous and think they maybe selfish(complicated I know) I want to travel and experience new cultures, I want to be a philanthropist, which means I have so many plans and alot of work to do that doesnt really involve a typical life. Girls can answer you girls know any men that dont want children what do you think of them?