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Found 7 results

  1. last monday I was staring into space & i was staring at the trash can & i see the girl i liked looking at me while she was walking over to throw something in the trash can. Then later I was staring at the wall & when i look over she was Leaning her Head Against her Hand While looking at me & smiling. Then on Wednesday i heard her saying ” i don’t know why he looks at me.
  2. Hi, I want to share these two videos by the Eh Bee Family, well at least by the spouses. They have two children. I don´t know much about this family (actually zero), except that they are pretty popular in the vlogging world and vine, but I have not really a clue about what they are doing. Anyway, I stumbled upon this video and found it so insightful and valuable, that I wanted to share it. I loved their advice! It also touches some of the topics that were discussed here lately in the forums (wants and needs, communication etc.). Maybe they are going to do more of those kind of videos. Here are the first two: Enjoy!
  3. Hey, guys! I'll keep this as brief as possible. Here's the problem. I can't flirt. Not at all. In my entire life, I can recall two occasions in which I thought a guy might be interested in me and tried to respond. Here we go... #1 (a few years ago, and the most 'successful' of the two) The only reason this wasn't a complete disaster was because he was very awkward, too. Basically, guy behind counter of charity shop I visited begins making small-talk with me. He's very talkative, spouting nonsense (actual excerpt: "I mean, how can you have low fat mayonnaise? The two ingredients are EGG and FAT! *laughs hysterically*"), but I found that endearing and cute. My responses were mostly nods, the occasional one word answer, and smiles. Eventually, there was a long pause as we both realised that I'd paid for my stuff and it was time to leave the shop, and I just said, "Well...bye, then! Have a nice day! *wave*". #2 (earlier today, hence the reason for this post) I'm on holiday in this little village and there's a really cute guy who's got a guitar and is busking (maybe raising money for charity, or just practising, whatever). At one point, I feel brave enough to catch his eye and smile, and he smiles back, and I feel all fuzzy inside. So I hang around listening to him from a little while away (I'm with my family, so have to hang around near the shops they're in), and every now and then there's that smile again. So I go up and give him some money, and he says "Thank you." And then he says, "What's up?" Now, that would be the cue for me to engage in some kind of cute small-talk, right? Especially since he's still smiling at me. And in my head, I think of several responses I could choose from: "Oh, just here with my family for the day. It's lovely weather," or "You're really good. I'm trying to learn guitar but I'm not doing too well," or even, since he was playing 'A-Team' "Oh, do you know 'Small Bump'? That's my favourite." Did my brain pick one of those fine options? No. Instead, I got tongue-tied, couldn't think of anything to say, and just smiled again like some goofy moron as if I hadn't head what he'd said. Then, he just carried on playing some other song, and I kind of scuttled away awkwardly to find my family. So this was just some random guy I thought looked cute. I didn't know him, logistically, it couldn't have worked out...I just wanted to talk with some guy who seemed nice. Maybe build up my confidence that I was actually not too bad at this whole flirting thing. And instead, I found out that, nope, I'm just as bad as ever. Any advice? Today was about as brave as I tend to be. If I see a guy I think looks nice, then the best I can do is just smile at him and hopes he smiles back. But I'll get nervous even about doing that, because what if he's not even the slightest bit interested in me, and he looks back like, "Um...Hi? Sorry, can I help you? Or do you think I'd be attracted to you, or something?" Also, if you have single male Catholic friends (preferably Scottish) then please encourage them to pay attention to awkward-looking single Catholic females who can't even string a sentence together when they're nervous! xxx
  4. problems

    Okay so I will need your wise advice for this it's kind of personal... So somebody close to me in my family has what I would call a problem with alcohol, I mean she drinks so much every night or even in the morning(sometimes even at 7 am!). Of course she takes weight and everybody noticed her problem. It does bother me (and not only me) because firstly I don't like to see her like that, then I just can't stand her when she is like that(don't want to see her, to hear her talk, nothing!!)... You probably gonna tell me to talk to her but me and my sisters did and it hurt her soo bad she even cried, she said it was her only rest and that she never humiliated us by falling or being drunk in a party, that she was only like that at home (she is always there except when she works). My problem is in 2 months my twin and I are moving out in an other country to study(if God is willing to),she is going to be alone in the house,I'm afraid she will go stronger into "her thing" moreover she has a weak health, doesn't have friend... I don't know what to do...I'm lost and I do not want to lose her....what would you do if you were in that situation?
  5. I've met my first and current girlfriend back in high school, 5 years ago. We are now about to finish university, but I've never met her parents nor have I been to her home. The majority of my family thinks it is a stupid and dangerous relationship. They say that her parents will be very angry to find out that their daughter has been secretly dating me for so long. They don't understand why it's unnecessary to meet them at this point. Me and her agreed that we should wait until I graduate with my degree, find full-time work and make some money for a place to live and get a car before I meet them. I'm also 5 years younger than her, so my lack of my own home and car as well as education will give me a bad image, for now. Until I get those things, my chances of getting her parents' approval is lower. I am Russian and she is Chinese, and to make matters worse, her parents don't speak a word of English... Before I meet them I also want to learn to speak Mandarin to some extent. What are your thoughts? Is this really a stupid thing to do, invest this much time and effort and gamble for their approval? Their say is not the final say, but it's still significant. And of course, we're waiters
  6. Great read whether you're in a serious relationship or not!
  7. So, first of all I want to dissuade any attempt to discuss my level of maturity and the broad scope of my relationship decision in general. I've served in the Army and am currently going to college. My girl is working at a private Christian academy and attending it's sort of long distance by a couple of hours, and distractions/other issues aren't really the problem. Well, we met at a Christian camp we both worked at, and sort of rekindled our friendship a few years later, ie recently. We'd been talking for a few months and have finally made it official. Obviously the problem is that I found out she made a mistake a few months before we were talking...the hard part for her being that she has a big role in the church as a worship leader and missions worker and had actually just gotten back form a long missions you can think how the church looks at it. Another couple of important things to start with are that the guy she slept with (twice only) was pretty random and she says it was a period of weakness for her because of other things with her family she's dealt with in the past, not to mention he was suicidal and it sounds like he really goaded her into giving herself away. We are both in our twenties and she lives at home currently while the whole college thing is being completed. My biggest problem is of course my continuing mental anguish over this random guy she has been with and my seeming inability to erase it from my mind. I've told her this and she told me about her mistake the night we discussed a serious communication has been excellent. I've tried praying about this and reading other people's reviews and all I see are horribly negative things about guys who were in my position. Well, I'm looking for some real Christian advice on what I should do to help the situation...I can't stop visualizing all the stuff they must have done and whether she's still thinking about it..etc. etc. I would really like to hear from someone with experience in this situation...or any wisdom at all really, I REALLY like this girl, and we've prayed about our relationship a lot, I don't take things like this lightly and I don't want some stupid thoughts in my head to ruin everything else...oh and I wouldn't' mind details about things like what it was like on that wedding night, or what a non-virgin girl thinks about a relationship she's had with a virgin guy such as myself...Thank you if you got this far.