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Found 3 results

  1. This is something I'd really like to know ... If one of your guy friends one day went out on a limb and told you he liked you as more than just a friend, but you did not feel the same way toward him, would you still be able to be the same kind of friend to him after he spoke up as you were before? Or would you now find it awkward to be around him because you know he likes you? I guess the question is, would you be able to just say, "Aw, thanks, but I really just like you as a friend" and keep on going like normal, or would his having made his feelings known essentially have wrecked the friendship you had?
  2. Well when i told my best friend that i am becoming celibate she ask me are you sure that want to do and i had explain to her that i am 25 years old and the stuff i did in the past why not wait until marriage i can find some one that respect my celibacy so any responses,i am all ears,lol
  3. Being the VP of my area's Toastmasters Club (public speaking club), I became J's mentor. After about a year and a half of working closely and spending time together with J, we became good friends. J is a shy and somewhat introverted gentleman but can open up more when he is with close friends. He generally has a serious face and seems very calm and quiet in front of other people. J is one month older than me. A few months ago, J started behaving very differently from before, especially outside of club meetings. I saw a completely different side of J when we went for a dinner. To my biggest surprise, he started teasing me (in a friendly way), throwing hilarious jokes, and calling me a "kid" or "kiddo". Sometimes he would call me "little girl" or "little Liz (my name)" when we were alone. Now, even though I am his mentor in public speaking, I feel that he is helping me more in many other areas. In addition, in various ways (explicit or subtle), J suggested that he is mature and mentioned "I am older than you" quite a few times. Why would he do this and what did he expect me to say? Why did his behaviour change so much? I'm also curious about why he would call me a kid. I'd like to hear what you guys think. Thanks a lot in advance.