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  1. I would say I am not religious per say. I have had mixture of some religions in my life. I was born in an atheist family, I went to a Presbyterian Church with my cousin when I was young and I wasn't that religious, I went to a Catholic high school, I went to Presbyterian Church for 2 years right before university, and stopped going to Church after university. I think there's God that exist, but I cannot fully identify my religiosity with some of the Christian rituals, although I must say the closest I can identify with is Christianity. And then recently I was exposed to somewhat Buddist values (self-love, meditation, yoga - Not really into Buddha though :-P) So given my situation, and that I am waiting until marriage, it seems that the only potential someone that I can look into in terms of the type of person with the same values as mine, is to find someone religious that is more likely to WTM. I don't know just yet if there's gonna be guys out there who are waiting for marriage when they are not necessarily obligated with religiousity. So I wanna know what you guys think in terms of that. Should I look more for guys that are religious, just because they will be more likely to wait, or should I not give up on hope that there's still guys out there waiting and not having religiousity affiliated?
  2. Hi Jack! I am so glad to know that someone like you (all athletic and outgoing and everything) can decide to wait until marriage, out there...It seems that all the cool people (well at least in my opinion) choose not to and follow their hormonal drive or whatever... Good for you to stick with strong value for yourself! Nice to meet you
  3. Hi everyone new

    Hi Im a girl from Canada. I am 21 years old and I am waiting until marriage. I have had a few boyfriends and I have struggled to save it, but I still am... I am saving myself not necessarily due to a religious obligation (I am not religious per say) but I was grown up from a very conservative family with very strict cultural moral values on family and marriage and having kids etc. I am glad to find this website because I feel like I am missing out on keeping myself when other girls around me are having wonderful long term relationships along with "sex before marriage". Sometimes I fear if I am too old to be a virgin, worry about the stereotypes of a virgin girl not attractive or not appealing or good in getting guys or whatever... or like sexually unable or whatever... But I want to feel good about myself on my choice and in fact I dont think I am at all close to that stereotype... Anyway this is a short intro... Have a great day everyone