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  1. Thanks guys! The saddest part of it is, and i told him this, he never took time to know me. My story isn't anything like hers. My reason for WTM isn't anything like hers, yes it has a religious element but if he learned me, he would learn like all my friends why I am the way I am, who I am and how the love isn't to be tainted. According to my mom "I am delicate" and unlike the quitter in the article, my "aloneness" (for the last thing I am is lonely) doesn't define me. I am so loved by many, friends and family alike. He didn't take time to learn that beyond a flesh being, that others treat themselves as, I am a spirit, we all are, and we bond without sex involved, so sex in itself is one of the ultimate form of spirit union. I bond with people sooooo easily just by conversation, just by sitting next to them in a bus, just by a hug, that random sex , I believe, will destroy me. His loss.
  2. So I just got an email by a big...i don't even know what to call him. He like me and and i told him one time i am celibate. In my culture you have to put that on the table asap cause first date sex is common. So after things got to heavy some 2 months ago and i told him to leave my apartment i kept little contact. I didn't see the point, he pretended to be okay with the celibacy but kept inching....to get closer, you know that thing that people do..desensitize the body so the mind goes. anyways this is what he decided to email me.please click on the link he sent: "Hey, I read this article today and I had to take a serious look at the pic. How was ur trip to St. Coix Alexis, ummm i mean Tishana .... lol http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2386919/What-happens-theres-NO-sex-city-Former-virgin-turns-decade-celibate-dating-horror-stories-woman-show.html p.s. i hope u're not offended, it was meant to be funny ..... holding breath here!!!!" I WAS SO MAD. YOU CAN SAY "IT'S JUST A JOKE", BUT GIVEN THE ARTICLE IT WASN'T ...IT WAS MORE LIKE A MESSAGE OF "YOU'LL EVENTUALLY GIVE IN SOON LIKE THIS GIRL". AND IN ANY CASE MY WTM ISN'T A JOKE. KNOWING HOW I REACTED WHEN HE TRIED TO ADVANCE THINGS HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN I WAS SERIOUS. WE FACE ALOT OF CRAP GUYS...WE GOTTA BE STRONG AND EVEN JOKES FROM NON-WTM ISN'T PERMITTED BECAUSE THEN THEY WILL THINK WE ARE NOT SERIOUS. P.S I TOLD HIM OFF IN A CHRISTIAN WAY AKA NO CURSE WORDS
  3. If she pushed it behind it means it meant nothing to her. As emotional beings we women hold unto stuff but what people don't realise is, when we don't care for something we attach no emotion , love or concern to it. I've made out with guys but the only kisses I remember are the ones from whome i really cared for. That's a plus for you actually. If she was remembering, then you would have a problem.
  4. It seems like the first thing you should ask yourself is "why does this bother you so much?". Really dig deep and address this question first because it can shape how you proceed. If it is because of jealousy (wanting her to be a virgin in case of you guys ever getting married) or do you feel cheated in some way, then as Dasboy said use time to heal from this. If it is however a case of you have a deep (unrecognised) value of your future partner being a virgin (as some people do) this may be a challenge and an obstacle for you in the future with respect to this relationship. The worst thing you can do for the latter is compromise your beliefs or values or wants. If the latter is not the case, however, really think about how great this girl is to be honest with you up front. As the Bible says you need to focus on the good things: Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. Phillipians 4:8. I dated a guy who wasn't a virgin, and when he told me I was in absolute shock because by the time he told me we had already confessed our love for each other. He made me feel bad about being shocked. (He was a manipulator) And he didn't even tell me the whole story. He hid it though because he was pretending to be this great Christian and it all turned out to be a big mess.Do not feel bad about your reaction. You are human after all. Focus on how honest and great she obviously is. Actions speak so much louder than words- She is a big part of Ministry which does not happen to fakers (or at least not for long). As for the negative reviews from others, ignore them. She is not just some random girl out there who is far from God, a pretender and who demands sex. If she does have a purity weakness, you and God be her Pillar of Strength and say "No". I think you will be just fine.
  5. Lengthy and alone in the waiting

    Reaaaly...I have a few acquaintances who are Guyanese...cool. The world isn't so big after all!
  6. Lengthy and alone in the waiting

    Trinidad...close to Venezuela.
  7. Lengthy and alone in the waiting

    Thanks you two, you each said something that encouraged me. After bad there is good(greater) and we do not wait for waiting sake but because of love and significance of waiting. You guys are just great. Thank you.
  8. Hi all, I feel very alone in the journey and it is getting more difficult. I am not from Europe or America, but the culture I live in embraces double standards so the likelihood of finding someone here who respects my beliefs is really slim. I feel like the last virgin (over 21) on this island. I have been laughed at and rejected by guys because of my wanting to wait. Not even my Christian friends have waited. At 27, I feel old, impatient and alone.No one respects this decision, not christians or non-christians. Even on dating websites when you ask what do you think about pre-marital activity the response mostly is "It's ok once the person is heading for marriage". :(....I honestly honestly am beginning to feel it all is pointless. I am losing hope. All the scripture and talk with friends who did not wait and regret seems pointless - because they seem fine (But then I am not in their head so I wouldn't know). It's one thing to feel alone because you are single, it's another to be single because of your beliefs. It would be nice to have friends who are in this marathon. Some people who knpw what I am going through. I do not want to fall. But to feel so discouraged is getting to me. Dating , meeting guys are getting difficult. Saying "No" is getting difficult AND I DON'T LIKE IT.