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  1. Mini Rant: SO MAD at modern feminism

    Cersei lannister as a model for feminism? the girl that sleeps with her brother? (does that happen in the show or just the books....)
  2. I proposed approximately 11.5 months after officially dating my girl, we were also friends for 6months or so beforehand. We'll likely have a fairly long engagement of approximately 2 years, and get married when she finishes school.
  3. mine is because Princess Zelda is my gf
  4. The iPod Shuffle Game!

    Hmm k here it goes! All music on my sanza fuze on shuffle 25 songs in a row! 1. What is your name? Mondegel by E Nomine 2. Where were you born? Sister Disco - The Who 3. What do your friends think of you? - Red Hot - Brian Setzer 4. What do your enemies think of you? - Hot Rails To Hell - Blue Oyster Cult 5. Where would you most like to be right now? - For Those About To Rock - ACDC 6. What is the best thing about you? - Lost in life - Sirenia 7. What should you do with your life? - Land of Confusion - Disturbed 8. What do you avoid if possible? - Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll - Blue Oyster Cult 9. What is the main reason you were born? - Flick of the Switch - ACDC 10. Where will you be in 24 hours? - California Girls - The Beach Boys 11. Where will you be in 24 years? - Crazy - Aerosmith 12. What couldn't you live without? Spanish Bombs - The Clash 13. Name a song that you want to play at your wedding? - I'm going slightly mad - Queen 14. What will you name your first child? - Tears in the Morning - The Beach Boys 15. How will you die? - How to Make a Monster - Rob Zombie 16. What will your dying words be? - WSOW - (Western Screech Owl Call, on my mp3 here for work lol....) 17. What song will they play at your funeral? - Wipe Out - The Beach Boys (lol) 18. What's your biggest regret? - Buck's Boogie - Blue Oyster Cult 19. Who do you admire? Got to Choose - KISS 20. What do people assume when they first look at me? - A Kiss is a Terrible Thing To Waste - Meatloaf 21. What is some good advice for me? -Between Two Worlds - Hammerfall 22. What will be a big challenge in life for me? - Good Rockin' Daddy - Brian Setzer Orchestra 23. What is my sexual preference? - Switchblade 327 - Brian Setzer Orchestra 24. What do you say when life gets tough? - Forgiven - Within Temptation 25. What is the story of your life? - Walk This Way - Aerosmith And a lot of those made me laugh!
  5. Hopefully get a job in the environmental field now that I've graduated, marry my girlfriend, explore and enjoy life with her.
  6. I am in love right now! Its amazing, she's my best friend as well as my girlfriend. Seeing her smile brightens my life. Our visits are like bliss, unfortunately there's way to much time in between, but that will change! The highlight of my days are when I get to skype her in the evenings. I can tell her anything and everything. We smile, laugh, and enjoy even the simplest of things. Whatever we do together is always completely awesome, just being together, whether it be a fancy night out, bowling, going to the movies, or just something simple like renting a movie or going for a walk, or coffee etc. Everything i dream/plan for the future include her. When i feel down she cheers my up, when I'm stressed just talking with her makes me feel better. I like to do little things to surprise her and make her smile etc!
  7. What do you prefer?

    just regular milk most of the time, chocolate comes in second, strawberry is at the absolute very bottom!
  8. Theme Parks and Roller Coasters!

    Love amusement parks I've been to Playland in Vancouver a few times but my eyes were opened when I went to Cedar Point last year with my gf, Playland has like 3 Roller coasters vs Cedar points 20+!!!!!!
  9. Hackers

    Zombie Apocalypse will do it!
  10. Having Pets :-)

    I love animals - we have 3 cats right now(I live at home), when I was younger we had a great dane, 7? cats, two horses, ~5 or so cows, chickens, ducks, geese etc - a hobby farm, even a pet rabbit, pigs at one point as well. Happy when sailing - that sounds like a totally awesome moment - would love to learn to dive some day!
  11. Interior design

    hmm I would love to have that outdoor kitchen from the mancaves link! As for myself simple - neutral pastel colours, like a pale yellow/blue/offwhite for the walls but chances are until I'm married i'd just leave it as I got it unless it was a horrid dark colour because I hate painting, with simple furniture. When I'm married, well really I don't care that much, and she can have the choice!
  12. 25 - when I crossed paths with someone extremely special that rocked my world
  13. Do you like your country?

    okanagan ftw mild winters and almost no rain!
  14. Do you like your country?

    Love my country and I live in one of the best areas of it in my opinion, definitely the best province!
  15. What is your career?

    I graduated this last spring in April with a degree in Earth/Environmental Sciences, had a short term contract for the summer, and have been searching for a Job since it ended. The latest possibility is as an Environmental officer at a coal mine my friend works at, but assuming I get a job in my field it'll either be as an Environmental consultant, Hydrologist, hydrogeologist, or some sort of environmental officer/scientist type job - really there are lots of options and potential career paths, and people in the career usually do swap around a bit, ie do some exploration geology, then switch to hydrogeology, then work as a consultant etc.