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    Hi Everyone, First and foremost I am a Christian. I believe in waiting for God's timing rather than trying to make things happen. I am a missionary serving in another country that is different from the one I was born in.

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  1. Would you buy tampons and/or pads

    Daz ha ha! for sure lol . That comment just made my day!!!!!!
  2. I think my faith is wavering, please help

    It is hard to obey God in a sex-saturated world with all it's pressures, but I just want to say to you that God's commands do not change just because of that. We are to obey regardless. God DID NOT tell us to wait for marriage to have sex to be our kill joy. He said it for our good because contrary to the low view of sex that the world has, HIS VIEW of it is very high. God is more than capable of handling our anger towards Him, so there is nothing wring with expressing it to Him, but we have to love Him first and love Him more and want His will more than our own. That is a hard thing--it is something that God is personally teaching me lately through some hard things. I don't know the details of your relationship, but if you are both sure that you are the one for each other, then it might be good to be praying together about the possibility of marriage. Doing Gods will for us is always best but not easy. However it is not impossible. I will be praying for you. Hope this doesn't sound preachy--just sharing my thoughts.
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