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  1. I am not a fast runner, so I would be one of the Zombies...but a cute Zombie, I wouldn't let myself go like all of the other walking dead that way ill make sure to get myself a nice zombie boyfriend. If by some chance, a miracle should occur and I do survive, then I would still want to get married before having sex. I would find the least zombie infested building with a penthouse apartment, and have my wedding, reception and honeymoon in said penthouse apartment. Either alive or dead I am going to get me a MAN dammit!
  2. Parenting

    I will raise my children differently. My parents were not very happy in their marriage, so they were not very happy at home. This was something that my sister and I were able to understand even at a very young age. Now that I am older and have considered having children myself, my main goal is to start a family with someone that I love and that is equally invested in our future together as I am.
  3. getting a "non waiter[a guy]" to wait?

    Once you tell them that you are waiting, they will have to make a decision. But if they choose to WAIT, they should not throw that in your face when ever they become frustrated or annoyed. If you both agree to wait together this becomes a group effort.
  4. Ladies, what's your ideal way of being approached by a guy?

    I love guys with swagger!!!! I gotta hand it to the ones who will at least approach me with the "Hey shorty u got a name on u" kinda line. Now their approach may need some finessing but they aint no punk!!! On the other hand, I often turn them down due to a lack of contemplation before speaking. I love it when guys introduce themselves to me...when they give me their name, extend their hand and ask for mine. I was at a theater with my sister and I left during the previews to run to the ladies room. This guy who we were chatting to in line was waiting outside the theatre when I exited the ladies room. He then stopped me before entering and introduced himself and I as well. He flattered me and asked for my number. He didnt ask for a relationship, just a phone call and the possibility of getting to know each other. And there my good man, I give you SWAG and GENTLEMEN in one package
  5. When to Talk About It?

    hi there, I know where you are coming from, I would tell her. You dont want this to be the huge elephant in the room that is always starring you down. And from what it sounds like, you also want to know if there is any chance this relationship can grow to something more meaningful. If you want a meaningful relationship and dont want to waste time getting there, start out open and honest...be tactful. but life is too short to dance around the fire for fear of rejection or for fear of scarring someone away. If they reject you or run away, they were not the one for you. I wish that in my past I had told the guy I was dating on our first date. Being a girl it just makes things way easier and really really less awkward.
  6. Dating an Older Guy

    hi, I think most women do not mind dating or marrying older men. But hun dont count your chickens before they hatch. It is very possible that you will meet someone in your age group who is waiting just like you. I mean just take this website for example, this very site is an indication that waiting to have sex until marriage is not as archaic as most might think. Keep your spirits up
  7. Facial Hair

    he shouldnt have hair any place i dont! really though, hairy pitts and legs so hairy they resemble big foots anatomy are NOT a turn on!!!! And bikini grooming is not just for girls. When I get married, I am going to have a huge bathroom cause we both gone be shavin ok! Wax on wax off baby I figure if he gets really touchy about the whole thing, ill just give him an ultimatum , if he stops shaving...so do I
  8. Predestination

    never heard of predestination, interesting topic
  9. When you say I do, will you take his last name

    YOU GO GURL!!!!
  10. i think fornicating would take me further from God
  11. Girls and Shopping

    i looooooooooooooooooooooooooove shopping!!! I think its the experience that I love. My girl friends and i get together for an entire day, we either do each others hair and nails first or we get our hair and nails and done. We then got to the biggest shopping center we can find and spend our entire day there, we have lunch and we try on everything we can fit we end the night by seeing a movie or having dinner. The experience is to die for!! And if we dont have that much cash we just window shop and try on prom dresses we have a potluck at one of our homes and enjoy each others company. I think its all about the fellowship and maybe less about the purchases....wait no, I like the purchases
  12. i think the article was nice, i didnt read it all, but i think some people think of marriage as their fix it solution to problems or things and that marriage shouldn't really be that kind of solution. I feel alot of people place other people on unrealistic platforms and risk their hearts braking or being devastated when that person or situation(marriage) cant deliver. I am not saying to hold back expectations or feelings when getting married, go all in. Give 100% of yourself, i know most people say marriage is 50/50 but honestly who wants half of someone, give 100/100. Im just saying, treating someone like they are your divine answer for it all when they are not the divine will get you unhappy results.
  13. What do you think?

    i think if you are uncomfortable dont do it, i also think we should be able to tell a street walker from a girl with a regular 9-5
  14. Ugly Guys

    yeah i think i would, i was into a guy who was like 300 lbs
  15. I have friends that are not waiting, at times they try to pressure me to not wait, but as you can see it hasnt worked. Their main reason for pressuring me was to get more exposure under my belt. But im ok not exposing myself to that. My other friends who are waiting dont pressure me at all, we dont talk about virginity all day, hardly at all. Its just like having blond or red hair, you dont need to mention it just because its there so we dont. If a relevant topic comes up related to our virginity we will discuss it, but we are so comfortable with one another we dont feel the need to mention it.