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  1. Random Thoughts

    I want some steak
  2. Does it matter?

    When dating/looking for my soulmate age does matter to me. Yes a Christian is a Christian, but I'm not willing to date Grandpa James or Mr. George, etc. lol. I am young right now and I am hoping to find someone else who is also young. That being said, I am anti-cougar also, I prefer not to be with a younger guy, and I actually prefer older guys up to 5 years even. Again, once I encounter the person, other things will come in to play, but that's just my standard preferences for now. As for race, it does not matter to me, and I am sincere in saying that. I am attracted to all races and have always been. Do I have preferences? Yes! Just the same way I do about other outside appearances but my preferences are most definitely not based in stereotypes or anything like that. Career wise... I don't know honestly. I care, but I wouldn't go as far to set an actual standard besides saying I prefer an educated man. (also no criminal mastermind or someone who has a morally unsound career ). Think I covered it all
  3. Songs about waiting?

    I Can Wait ~ Trip Lee Let's Wait Awhile ~ Janet Jackson Doo Wop (that thing) ~Ms. Lauryn Hill
  4. I would say no at the moment. I feel I'm too young for that right now, but at the same time I never know who God will send me.
  5. My "different" attraction is that I love when guys are super "veiny." Since I'm in to fitness, I like muscular guys and I love to see arm veins. Even guys that don't work out or that may be kinda skinny can have them real prominently and I love to look at that.
  6. Random Thoughts

    Wow, things are always changing. It's going so fast!
  7. Yes, I definitely want a wedding.
  8. I was debating with myself on a question for a bit so I thought I'd ask you guys. Ok, so my question is, 💟Who comes first your spouse or your children? 💟 I've really been thinking hard about this question and I'm seeking different opinions on it. The Bible basically says God first, then spouse, then children so I would try my best to follow but another question I had was,💟 who would you save in a fire if you could..your spouse or your child? 💟
  9. I don't see it as that big a deal honestly. I never thought "Oh that's disgusting " so I guess I never really minded if we garter toss or not
  10. It's actually not that hard, it heavily depends on where you are looking.
  11. Random Thoughts

    I have been a ghost on here for around a year, but I come every now and again .. (of course, still patiently waiting)
  12. Communication is key so you have to tell him at some point. Since you said he hints at sex, the next time he does that ask him is opinions on it in regards to your relationship and/ or in general, and then share how your feel about it.
  13. Cohabitation

    Yeah definitely not, It just wouldn't be worth it to me.
  14. Vincent DS

  15. Random Thoughts

    Time for a new beginning
  16. Are STDs a deal breaker?

    Yeah people make mistakes but I shouldn't have to suffer for them if I don't WANT to. The guys argument was.. Too basic. If I thought someone was ugly should I still date them because they're beautiful in God's eyes.. No not if I don't want to because I am allowed to make CHOICES. Now about the real question... I don't really know that the answer is NO but I'm definitely not giving it a yes.. Depends.
  17. Random Thoughts

    Lol you guys are crazy. I just ate a meal though sorry
  18. Random Thoughts

    I'm hungry
  19. Random Thoughts

    God will be here with us through everything. Don't give up.
  20. I'm MARRIED!! 6-13-15. Our story :)

  21. Lol yeh that post got a little sassy, but I'm strong in my anti-breaking my boundaries so he can get what he wants feelings
  22. People say opposites attract, but as for morals that statement isn't true. If we are different in things besides the hard issues then that's cool, fun, fresh, and new, but my core beliefs must match with a potential partner because I live my life for God and I follow specific standards to be the best me I can be for Him.
  23. We can do other things. Do you wanna pray with me? wanna go grab some lunch? watch a movie? talk on the phone all night? Do you wanna meet my parents? let's go to church sometime? wanna learn more about each other? matter of fact do you wanna stay pure together? That'll be cool
  24. Free the nipple?

    Don't free the nipple. Stay clothed my friends.