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  1. Unwanted guests

    You're kinda out of luck here, the way I see it,either way turns out bad for you. If you don't say anything well obviously it will continue to bother you, but if you do say something your that B!TC& who said something...... I would say your best bet is to have a talk with your sister and tell her that she needs to tell her friend that she cant be coming over 5-6 days a week eating all of our food. I think the girl will more likely take the news easier if its from her best friend and not from you. Best of luck
  2. AIG So what you would prefer someone to say is "Yea hate him, let the dark side consume you, be as evil and as wicked as the person who did you wrong. Cause hating someone is going to get you so far in life and offer you peace right? Or wouldn't you rather just move on with your life and forgive that person? Cause then again they have to live with the consequences of their actions.......... Sparrow please excuse us for hijacking your thread, you know I only wish the best for you
  3. IAG what was the whole point of your statement? Even better why did you go through the hassle of writing 6 paragraphs? Only to cite your own opinion on what you would do, and then retract that statement saying " I don't have all the facts." Cause last I checked All I told sparrow to do was to follow her heart and not to make any irrational decisions........
  4. Remember that forgiveness and getting rid of any hate from your heart is key!!! Holding grudges or hate or any type of feeling that you repress is like poisoning yourself because the only person that it hurts is urself. Remember that you can forgive a person but it doesn't mean that you have to be 2 peas in a pod with that person after you forgive them. Follow ur heart and think long and hard about any decisions you decide to make. Best of luck
  5. Favourite romance songs?

    Since none of my spanish or latin members have beat me to it I will post 2 of the best spanish/ latin love songs enjoy
  6. Burning Bridges and Forgiving

    @ Mstr Josh no offense but you sound like a hypocrite. How can you say that you forgive your mother but then "I myself will forgive my mother of the horribly selfish things she has done and how she harmed the family. While I may forgive her I will never accept her, when I am asked about my parents I speak only of my father. When my mother is old and feeble and comes asking for help, I will turn her away." That makes no sense whatsoever...... @ tatyana First and foremost take care of yourself. My mother told me once that everyone in life at one point or another will fail you. You come into this world alone and you will leave this world alone. More importantly learn to forgive. Forgive gramps for being mean I understand he yells and probably isnt the nicest person but remember he still is your gramp, family is family at the end of the day. Now I'm not saying you should become best friends with him but I do think it would be nice if you went to that dinner that you mentioned. Now you may be wondering "what happens if he starts talking to me?" Simple just keep your answers short and sweet. Now moving on to your brother. Personally I would just tell him that he needs to show you that he's changed before you extend out your hand to help him. I understand he needs a helping hand but at the same time, your time is just as valuable and it would be time wasted if you helped him and then he got locked up again. whichever choice you make, I wish you the best of luck, may everything work out for you
  7. Dealing with the pressures of university exams

    Hahah thats easy money!!!! Try working a full time job and every week you hit overtime(40+ plus hrs), and on top of that you still are taking full time classes. Those being acct 2 and 3 at the same time plus a mangerial human resources class and an art class. Thats stress. But to answer your question I usually put the big priority classes first in terms of studying and the easier ones last.
  8. love languages?

    8Words of Affirmation 8Quality Time 5Receiving Gifts 4Acts of Service 5Physical Touch I think we all appreciate quality time Lol
  9. I guess am going to be the only one blunt here, but if you havent figured out if you want to "wtm" what have you been doing all this time? If am correct you've been on this site for over a year right? Theres a bunch of articles on here they give plenty of reasoning. Heck even science backs up waiting til marriage. But you still havent decided Personally I think you just like the idea of waiting til marriage but the minute you find someone you like and are in a serious relationship I think you'll jump ship. Second "Let's say I chose not to WTM, fell deeply in love with a man, gave my virginity to him, and we eventually broke up. Would I really regret it if I truly loved him and he truly loved me?" Lets leave this question at people brake because their not seeing eye to eye most people brake up and that involves arguing and usually someone gets left with a broken heart. I have yet to see a break up where the two indivduals were like "thank u I will always treasure our memories, u mean so much to me, I wish you the best." Its usually along the lines of "That #$% I nvr want to see you again!!!" Now remember if you go down this path you'll have to live with the fact as well that you gave this guy your virginity so those will be extra heart break points..... Only you can make this choice no one can do it for you.
  10. Random Questionnaire

    1. Were you named after anyone? Yes, after my dad am a Jr. 2. When was the last time you cried? Not sure but probably a couple months ago 3. What is your favorite lunch meat? Turkey! protein packed 4. Would you bungee jump? One of the many things I must do before I leave earth 5. What is the first thing you notice about people? Their face and height. 6. Who do you miss the most? My sister 7. What was the last thing you ate? Doritos 8. Mountain hideaway or beach house? Beach house 9. Favorite sports to watch? Golf haha jk probably football or baseball 10. Hair color? Dark brown 11. Eye color? dark brown 12. Do you wear contacts? nope 13. Favorite food? No such thing for me 14. Scary movies or happy endings? Niether I like the ones that leave you thinking 15. Last movie you watched? The Prestige 16. Summer or winter? Not sure I like both 17. Hugs or kisses? Kisses 18. Tea or coffee? Niether 19. What is on your mouse pad? Is a mouse pad like a little place where a mouse lives? 20. Favorite dessert? Mint chocolate chip ice cream at my job 21. Did you like answering these questions? I guess
  11. Haha you can tell them that their going to burn in hell for all the sinning their doing!!!! Lol am just kidding dont say that. I would personally say I'm living my life in a way that I wont have any regrets when I die. I wana live a life where I can be a role model to my children. Were I can tell them I never did drugs, drank and wtm!!!! Plus if that was a friend who told you that you should probably seperate urself from them. Best of luck!
  12. What is your career?

    Aspiring chef/ currently a line cook.
  13. I hope there are others like me!

    welcome to the site!
  14. So am 99% sure that you know the answer to your own question. You need to leave him, sorry to say it. The truth hurts sorry. First I would like to point out some red flags "Sometimes it seems he is very selfish" Relationships are give and take and from what ive read he's taking advantage of you. He is usually honest and often comes clean about the porn problem, his past, and giving his number out (but always well after the fact). Personally to me that sounds like he has a guilty conscience and is just trying to get rid of the guilt. If he trully liked you dont you think he wouldnt be giving out his number? Let alone these are girls hes had a past with, so giving his number out to them is walking a fine line. Refer back to the selffish part. Gets his instant gratification or pleasure but then relizes what he's done but doesnt want to pay for the consequences. Hence giving out his number (tells you later). So he can feel better..... "and when he started breaking things again, the animals were becoming frightened and so was I." I shouldnt even have to explain this. But he verbally lashed out initially... said hurtful things. But he was at least mostly honest with me about what he was thinking and doing. He did what seems to me to have been indulging in the things he indulged in before us... he looked at porn again, started smoking again, and had initially said some hurtful things (called me a fool, said f*** you, you aren't what I hoped for). If theirs one thing I learned is that people speak the truth when their drunk and angry. He meant every word of what he said. Think about it your supporting him financially you helped him move out of his house. If he leaves were will he go? back to his mothers house obviously, so of course he will stay with you for the time being. Think about it if he liked you why'd he give out his number? Why'd he say F u your not what I hoped for? Your a means to an end and he's using you until he can find something better. "never does he apologize of his own accord." A true man knows when he's wrong, and knows when to apologize. If he was trully sincere he would apologize himself because he would know that he made a mistake. You shouldnt have to tell him, let alone for 2 1/2 years together he should know you well enough to know when your upset. You shouldnt have to tell him your mad at him or offended Lastly like the last statement about the party. Guys only go to parties looking for girls the fact that he didnt invite you is enough for you to know that, let alone he went drinking. So know if he did do something he could pull the "I was drunk card, it meant nothing." HE IS LOOKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE. YOU ARE NOT WHAT HE WANTS!!!!! You've become that girl he knows will always take him back!!!!! This is the last thing I will tell you so listen clearly!!!! You are not responsible for his life, you are not his mother, It is not your responsibility to make sure that he becomes a functioning individualy in society. He is responsible for his desicions, he has to live with the choices he makes. Who cares if he had a rough child hood thats not an excuse for him to act out or act like a child. Moving on is the hardest thing exspecially when you've invested so much time in that person, but trust me its worth it. Sometimes you have to take your losses and move on. Thats a sinking ship their and the life boats are leaving. Trust me ive been in your shoes. I know that feeling where you just want them to say something that will make everything better but it never happens. Sorry for the tough love but you need it. Start new and start over. You Deserve better!!!! Feel free to pm me if you have any questions. Best of luck