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  1. Pet Peeves regarding Girls

    Remind me not to introduce you to Scraps... lol...
  2. What do you think of shy guys?

    OMG! Shy guys can be soooooo cute! I love the little bashful glances, it turns into a nice little flirting game. I definitely wouldn't want someone who was shy ALL the time, but it's fun sometimes!
  3. Hahaha, That guy brings up some good ideas, but consider yourself lucky that your family isn't trying to convince you to "get over this phase..." lol. But seriously, if it's someone your very close to, I would just explain that you are looking for the right person and all things will happen in their natural time. Explain that you have different priorities and (possibly) different values, but that it will happen when it will happen. On the other hand, if you're not close to them and they won't stop pestering you, firmly explain that your personal life is none of their business and you will tell them news when you have some, but that otherwise they are making you uncomfortable. They may be taken aback by this approach, because they're probably just trying to get closer to you. By acknowledging this, you can then segue into your beliefs (if it's appropriate) and let them know where you stand without them feeling like you're pushing something on them. They will feel closer to you, which is all they really wanted. You will no longer have to deal with their unwanted interrogations: win/win.
  4. How can I wait?

    Well, I'm glad to hear about your brother; that there are more out there like me. Honestly, I think it comes down to validating monogamy as a legitimate way to relate to a lover. I'm reminded of this article: Wondering... Gay Culture is Dead (warning, there's a moderately NSFW picture at the top... not for the faint of heart...) Basically, if I might summarize it, he's saying that gay culture used to be awesome because everyone could have freaky sex without consequences. Unfortunately, all of that changed since the 70s and now he's mad that he has to consider the consequences of unprotected casual sex. Even the concept of gay marriage gets his knickers in a twist because it means the death of casual sex. To me there's a big difference between "Gay Culture" and "Free Love." However, I don't think the "community" at large has made this distinction yet, because everybody knows that being gay is about who you lay and not who you love. (That last bit was sarcasm.)
  5. How can I wait?

    Wow, thank you so much. I mean, I hate to speak for the entirely community, but I think that it depends on who you associate with. Certainly, the bar scene is mostly about "hooking up" but isn't that true in the straight world too? I mean, look at the countless stories of same-sex couples who have been together for 50+ years.
  6. Heyyy there!

    Nothing in particular, just checking it out.
  7. Heyyy there!

    Hey everyone! My name is Kev! (That's short for Kev.) I guess I'm really interested in finding out as much as possible about waiting for marriage. I know you guys will be super supportive and loving! Big kisses!
  8. How can I wait?

    So, I'm a male (obvs huney), but I don't know how I can wait until mariage. The main problem is that I fall in love with other men, but since same-sex marriage is illegal in my state I can't wait until marriage. I really want to wait to have sex with someone I love. Thank you all for your support.