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  1. My top is Physical touch, with quality time being #2, words of affirmation and gift receiving tied for 3rd; Acts of service last...I think in a way I'm "multi-lingual" with a bit of all of them being somewhat important to me:)
  2. Hello, everyone!

    I am studying Humanities, Liberal arts w/ a math minor... Would like to take some classes at a nearby community college in graphic design after I graduate...depends on whether I can get a job after graduating and going on a mission's trip this summer
  3. Hello, everyone!

    The school is Maranatha Baptist Bible College. Total students: about 900 And while I can't speak for EVERYONE, I know that all of my close friends are waiting For the most part, if someone wants to do more, they go somewhere else where the rules aren't as restricting...
  4. Hello, everyone!

    Hello! I am a 21 year old college senior, attending a conservative Baptist college. I am waiting til marriage, and unlike many people, I haven't really run across anyone who ridiculed me for that choice. Part of that is probably because I've never had a boyfriend, and the other part is that most of the people I go to school with hold the same or similar standards. I randomly decided to search "waiting for marriage" and came across this's refreshing and nice to find a site devoted to promoting abstaining from sex until marriage! It's great that there's a public forum to be involved with, to discuss different topics and see different views people have related to waiting, etc. Amber
  5. I am in the midst of reading "The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts" by Gary Chapman, and I have to say that the content of that book is certainly applicable to this topic I believe there is a distinction between being "in love" and the later mature love that couples reach. The "in love" stage is mostly an emotional high, which, according to the author of the book, usually lasts about 2 years max. After that, love is more of a deliberate choice to please that other person. I think that a major factor in people "falling out of love" and divorcing is that they don't understand that true love is more than emotional. Granted, I am a single 21 year old woman who has never had a boyfriend, so I don't really have any experience with which to speak from on the subject, but I think it is really important in these modern days. So, love, in the "in love" emotionally charged sense, is not vitally important in marriage, although it is a major factor in many people deciding to marry. What is more important, however, is the more mature, sacrificial love that comes down the road-a choice people should make if they want to continue to make their marriages work! I would encourage everyone to read the book I mentioned above! It's very informative, and may help both married and single people in their search for love