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  1. getting a "non waiter[a guy]" to wait?

    First off, It's difficult either way, trust me. Getting a girl to wait if you're a guy has its own set of challenges as well. It can be done, and I know of several success stories of non-waiters waiting for a waiter (how many times can I say waiter in once sentence ) it just has to be the right person. I also suggest, for what it's worth, to wait until a few dates in to bring it up. That way the person's preconceived notions about waiting and waitERS might not affect the decision as much. Meaning the idea of waiting may seem to that person like something they would never do, but if they start to fall for someone they may realize everything changes, and they might be willing to. Just my $.02
  2. Parenting

    Pretty much the same...I mean I'll probably change a thing or two here or there but by and large if I could be half the parent of my mom or dad I would consider myself successful.
  3. Wedding song

    oh that was easy....didn't know to just paste the link. Wow
  4. Wedding song

  5. Wedding song

    Vince I like the Mark Wills version better....
  6. Wedding song

    Ours is gonna be "Home to You" by John Michael Montgomery. We're both country music fans and the song describes a lot of our feelings towards each other very well. It fits Edit: Here it is...
  7. Yeah this really got derailed didn't it....and I don't want to add any fuel to the fire other than to say that sharing a bed with someone definitely is NOT meaningless. I know it wasn't for Sally and I. It was a big deal. But it was a decision that we made together and we both were comfortable with. Does it make it harder to WTM? Yeah, it probably does. But so does kissing, cuddling, and even just being close to that person. The more you're around them, the more you're going to want to "do things." And that's the honest truth. You could take it to an extreme level and say "well I don't want to kiss, hold hands, cuddle, etc. til marriage" and that's fine if that's what you want to do...nothing wrong at all with it, in fact that's pretty darn noble. But the fact of the matter is that of the few waiters I know, pretty much all of them have shared a bed prior to marriage and guess what? They're still waiters. Unless you restrict all your contact with the person to internet and phone, there's going to be temptation, A LOT of it. Especially as an adult having your own respective places, etc. You're gonna have to deal with it. You either want to wait or you don't. It takes more will power than anything else I've ever done, whether you're sharing a bed with the person or not. In my mind, the closeness that sharing a bed brought to Sally and I's relationship was worth any extra frustration and/or difficulty it may have caused with WTM. To wrap it up, we're still waiters, have kept our boundaries that we set long ago, and have only 17 days until we'll be considered "successful waiters" Can't wait!
  8. Fitness!

    Glad you're getting into lifting Olivier! My brother got me into it a few years back and I can't get enough of it. I was always super thin growing up and its nice to put some weight (muscle) on finally haha! I should probably do more cardio but I lift 3 days a week. I'm currently doing a "clean" bulk you could say lol...not cutting by any means but still trying to gain lean mass.
  9. Good grief where do I begin? How about all of them! -"Test driving the car...yadda yadda"...such an asinine comparison. - "She/you won't be good at it on your wedding night, etc." a) Um..who CARES!? b ) Not that either one of us knows what it *should* be like anyway and c) we have PLENTY of time (read: rest of our lives) to practice! -"maybe he's actually gay, etc."- not even worth commenting on -"what if you're not sexually compatible?"- AKA a more serious version of the "test drive the car"...well let's see...I'm a man and she's a woman...and we're into each other in every question would be "how could we NOT be sexually compatible??" -"people only wait cuz their religion tells them" - obviously not true...plenty of non-religious people wait as evidenced by several members on this site. I am waiting for religious reasons but ALSO for a whole host of other reasons! -"you'll never meet someone who will wait, sex is an important part of a relationship,etc." - again this stands refuted by many members of this site including myself. Those are the ones I could think of off-hand. I'm sure there's others!
  10. Do you like anyone on this site?

    We started out just talking here on (I'm the fiance btw lol! ) then it progressed to facebook and text, then talking on the phone and skyping...and finally meeting up! From the time we actually started talking a lot on the phone and thru skype it was maybe a month...month and a half before we met in person. So not too terribly long. Now it was only a two hour drive away mind you, but still a little nerve wracking for sure! She actually suggested it one day (I swear I was going to ask her the NEXT time we talked...I had it all planned out haha!) but she beat me to it. No problem. I asked her to marry me so I made up for it That was a little over 2 years ago (WOW 2 yrs already!?! First date = March 2, 2012 ) and we are getting married June 21st...barely two months from now!! VERY excited! Never would have EVER imagined that I'd have met my future wife the night I decided to join this site. It still amazes me.
  11. I agree with really everything Sally said (I kinda have to now right? ) Haha JK! But I do agree; we have very similar personalities that really go well together. They are very compatible. I feel like Sally just "gets" me and does so without any judgments or anything of that sort. We accept each other exactly how we are. I can't really pinpoint one moment in time when I knew she was the "one"....To be honest I really didn't let myself think *too* much about it the first year we were dating. I'd never made it to the one year mark with any other gf's so initially that was my goal. Don't get too ahead of yourself...just try to make it a year first. Once we did that it was like uuhhh ok I really wanna start thinking about proposing to her! It just felt right. I feel like I can literally tell her anything/ talk to her abt anything. And I've never felt like that with anyone else (even friends/parents/brother/other gfs) I've also never been this attracted to someone else either...which makes it super awesome that we get along SO well together Also, the living in separate cities (well...States actually) is getting harder and harder to do. I can't wait for June
  12. Salutations!

    Welcome!! I felt alone before joining as well but you'll soon find there are plenty of others just like you
  13. So guess what!?!?!? ;)

    Thank you all so much!!
  14. So guess what!?!?!? ;)

    Haha she was looking over my shoulder when I did so yes