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  1. Wish all teenagers felt this way!!!!!
  2. I have been biting my nails since at least preschool (I'm 19 now.) And I don't mean occasionally chew - my nails are bitten to the core (sorry, graphic.) I quit once for a month or so when I was in grade nine. I also have a bad habit of picking at my bottom lip (the skin.) I'm worried that I'll cause scarring on my lips but I don't even realize when I'm doing it... I also buy way too many books, but I think of that as a constructive and educational habit.
  3. Ich spreche Deutsch, aber ich spreche nicht gut. Ich studiere Deutsch an der Universität. lol. Also, Je parle français très bien. I am fluent in neither though. Studying languages is a passion of mine, so I also have studied Japanese and Yiddish. And, obviously, I speak perfect English. If I hadn't been adopted, I would be speaking Georgian and Russian (possibly English as well.) Edit: My dad is fluent in Hebrew and is almost fluent in French (and was fluent at one point.) I am very upset that they did not raise me to be bilingual, because they could have done that. What about you?
  4. I really like Canada. I wish the public education system was better, but that's my only big complaint. I think Canada is an amazing country to live in, and I don't think I would want to permanently live anywhere else. The only other country I would permanently live in would be America, but I'd only move to Seattle so I could easily go to my home-city Vancouver to visit my family or if I needed medical treatment.
  5. Are women turned off by inexperience?

    Certainly not women on this forum! But I'm afraid to say that yeah, the average woman doesn't want an INexperienced guy. They don't want a James Bond either but usually women do like a man with certain...talents. Especially if she has some experience herself. But I personally don't care!
  6. I don't even want to think about that! >.<
  7. Sorry Samantha, but I strongly agree with IAG and theJayspider (which is very rare of me to do!) You just keep on making excuses, excuses, excuses, and more excuses for this guy. This is a trainreck waiting to happen. Cuz there is no way in hell that this guy is straight, and chances are very low that he's bi. I would say he is more "in denial." Plus he is such a total liar! No excuse. But you seem to be determined to keep on making excuses for him. If he's gay, you don't stand a chance in hell (unless he fakes love and attraction for you,) and if he's bi, he still seems like a pretty screwed-up person to me. In the end it's your decision. Like theJayspider said, you are letting your emotions run the show. You know this guy, not us. So I'm a little bit confused as to what the purpose of this thread was. If this is it, then my answer: he is probably definitely gay, and that's why he avoids having it with women. No, I don't think he values w4m enough (if at all,) I think he tries to avoid sex with women because everytime he has it and doesn't enjoy it the way he does sex with a man, he is reminded of his homosexuality. He doesn't want to have sex with women, and that's why he's had so many more men than women, but he also doesn't want to be gay, which is why he still sometimes tries women. False hope, denial... Whatever he is, he's lucky to have a friend like you who cares about him.
  8. Everyone has a different idea of what it means to live life to the "fullest." My idea just doesn't match most people's.
  9. Are you afraid of the dark?

    Nope, love it! Can't sleep unless it's pitch black. I went through a period of being scared-ish of the dark when I was around 6-9. It was an on and off thing. I think cuz I loved ghost stories and horror stories but sometimes I couldn't handle them.
  10. Are you a virgin?

    There are definitely more than 2 non-virgins on this site. They probably just didn't want to vote.
  11. Are you a virgin?

    Yep. Extra extra extra X 100 virgin.
  12. That quote is so, so true. If a guy hears girls calling each other names they'll think, "well why can't we do it?" or "I guess it's not offensive if they call each other that, so who cares if I use it too?" Truth is, I think girls slut-shame girls way more than guys do it.
  13. I was going to say this too. Plus guys are funnier and more laid-back. My least favourite thing about guys is how they objectify girls. Cat-calling, talking about us like we're blow-up dolls, mysoginistic jokes, lying to us to get laid,'s disgusting. There are way too many guys like this and it can be so hard to remember that there are a lot of wonderful guys out there too.
  14. How Would You Feel If....

    The last time a random, decent-looking guy approached me he offered to pay me for sex. I was dressed as conservatively as a nun that day (not that I ever wear revealing clothing.) The thing is, I am HORRIBLY awkward when it comes to "random" people who approach me, regardless of gender, but it's even worse if it's a guy cuz I have very little experience talking to the male race (all girls school for 12 years, girl guides, no siblings, all-girl camps, etc.) I would much rather meet a guy in class.
  15. "I just can't do the subservient partner thing" Being a loving, caring, affectionate wife is "subservient"?
  16. Okay, public sex is pretty ew, but NO WAY does it bother me that unmarried couples are having sex in hotel rooms!! Let them have sex in hotel rooms, or their bedroom, or their kitchen, whatever, but in public is not okay for anyone regardless of marital status. lol. Anyways I don't think sex happens in hotels as much as people think it does. Usually after a long day of hiking or touring the city you just want to collapse with exhaustion. I remember my friend's older cousin saying that hotels are the least desirable place to have sex because people actually want to sleep at night. Except I guess in love hotels in Japan.
  17. Ah, male hormones. So glad I don't have to deal with those!!!! Trust me when I tell you every single waiter your age is dealing with feelings of lonliness, doubt, frustration, etc. Even if you're not a waiter, it's hard to deal with the social pressures of having sex, especially if you're male. Hormones + peer pressure + lonliness + sex-obsessed media...I don't blame anyone for caving in and having sex, WTMer or not. You'll find a lot of support on these forums from people who are feeling the exact same way you do, but are older. There is also a Guys Only forum if you would feel more comfortable posting about certain topics there.
  18. I'm just curious to see if anyone became religious later on in their lives, or was brought up very religious, or chose to change denominations or religions. Unlike most people on this site, I have no religion at all. I was raised an atheist by my father (much to the chagrin of my mother and her mother,) so atheism was as natural as breathing to me. I was in grade three or four before I actually realized that people out there DID believe in god and angels and such. I thought the bible was like Greek mythology - accepted as fascinating, human-made stories. I thought everyone thought that God was fake, like Zeus. When I learned this was not the case, I became agnostic due to very heavy confusion about the whole thing. I though "if so many people believe, how can it not be real?" But then I learned that there were religions other than Christianity and Judaism, and I began to learn about various cults, and religion-status cults like Scientology, and I realized people thought a whole bunch of different things. So I returned to atheism. That's my story. Edit: Just realized that I could have put this in the religion section...
  19. I would. Well I guess it depends on how much money and property my husband has (or doesn't have.) I don't need or want anything of his but I have stuff to protect. I would also insist on seperate bank accounts. Sounds unromantic but I don't believe in the whole "what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine" thing. At least not if one spouse as a lot more. Which may be him, but I'm hardly greedy. I'm all for sharing but not so much for giving (pretty sure this comment makes me sound icy, but it's how I feel.)
  20. Slut-shaming is bad. If you feel like a friend is sleeping around due to low self-esteem and parent issues or something, you can confront them about it without shaming them. I had a friend who went through a bit of a sexual experimentation phase. I expressed my views on it without making her feel bad (I hope.) She is a really loyal, fun friend and it would be awful to lose her. Besides, that phase is long over.
  21. Yes, just one man for me! I want to find someone I truly love and who truly loves me to spend the rest of my life with. I want us to have a family together and grow together and die together. I don't want multiple men! Yuck, no thank you. Not even in a fantasy world!
  22. I think you're lucky to have gotten rid of her. She didn't sound like she was respecting your decision to WTM at all. You don't need a girlfriend like that. Anyways, I don't have a past (sexual past, I mean.) I can't think of anything bad I've done in my past, but let's say I smoked pot a few times (have never touched the stuff in real life) and I was dating a guy who was really anti-drugs. I don't mind if he expressed disappointment in me having tried pot and he can tell me that getting high is bad, etc. But if he lets it drag on, I am dumping him for sure. I should never, ever feel shamed by my boyfriend, nor should he feel shamed by me. He doesn't have to love my past, but he does have to accept it because it's not going away.
  23. Sex, kissing, cuddling, hand-holding (in a romantic way) with another person. Any sort of romantic physical relationship. Whether or not feelings are involved.
  24. Lack of communication. There are plenty of guys who are not virgins and yet their girlfriend's still aren't at all satisfied. it's not a matter of being a virgin or not. many people get into relationships with non-virgins and don't like their sex life. maybe their partner is unwilling to do the things they love, or maybe they haven't communicated with their partner due to embarassement and not wanting to hurt their feelings.