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  1. Whenever I think about my future (and at age 19, I luckily have it spread out before me,) I am torn between two desires 1) experiencing the world through being an ESL teacher and 2 ) finding a job that I love in my home country. Because as much as I want to live in other places, I don't really want to leave Canada. If I look at fantasy 1, I will teach English in many countries (or a few to several that I love to teach in,) gain lots of international friends, and marry a foreigner, settle down in his country (assuming it's a really great country to live in,) and raise bilingual children. Does that sound a bit weird? XD Fantasy 2 involves being an ESL teacher internationally for 3-5 years before returning to my home country, Canada, and finding a job there. Maybe being an ESL teacher in Quebec? And marrying a Canadian and raising awesome Canadian children. lol. Dream Future 2 is probably my most ideal. I want to see and experience the world, but at the same time I love living in Canada. What about you?
  2. Your dream home

    What would your dream home look like? Apartment, house, mansion, townhouse? What city/town would it be in? I, personally, would like an apartment because the thought of burglars terrifies me. I wouldn't ever feel safe in a house. My dream apartment is in my home city, Vancouver, and my home neighborhood (which I guess isn't a good idea to say on the internet, so I won't,) and has two floors. I would love it to have a view of the ocean and be close to the beach. I once saw this apartment that had a spiral staircase that led up to the second floor, so that would be awesome. And a balcony on both floors. I would want to be high up enough that no one could climb up and get in. But when I think about it, if I have more than two kids, that place would become to small. I guess then I would have to get a house, also in the same city and neighborhood and close to the beach! Of course I just described the home I grew up in, but I can't live with my mom when I'm married with kids. Course, I wouldn't say no to this!
  3. I live in Canada, and gay marriage has been legal in every province and territory since 2006, and some provinces even had it legal in the 90's. My parents are accepting of gays, my mom has tons of gay friends, and the neighbors I have had my whole life are two gay men (a couple.) So I will have to say that I am 100% a supporter of same-sex marriages. While I fail to understand homophobia, I do understand why some people believe that marriage should only be between man and woman. I mean, reproductively, it does make sense. But to me, love is the most beautiful thing in the world and if you love each other, you have every right to marry. I think it's very tragic that same-sex marriages aren't legal in so many countries all over the world. Let's keep all discussion respectful, please!
  4. I would want the diamond to be flower-shaped! I am not nearly elegant or poised enough to pull off a conventional wedding ring ( or one as old-fashioned and elaborate as Princess Diana's ( I'd much rather prefer something like this: or this: or even this: Although I don't like the band. The first one of my favourite, and you may not think it looks like a normal wedding ring but I am hardly the one to follow conventional boundaries. The ring needs to have some floral to it!
  5. The vast majority of my friends are very conservative, and are all virgins (I am only friends with girls because I went to an all-girls school for 12 years.) I have one friend who lost her virginity at age 15. They had dated for a month and ended up dating for 11 months but broke up. Since then, she has slept with two guys, one of whom she had a FWB and the other one is her serious boyfriend. Other than that...I only have one other friend who has had sex, and she was 17, and two years later, she is still with him. One of my friends tried with her serious boyfriend but it didn't work (too painful, etc,) and she hasn't attempted sex since. So...only 2.5 friends of mine have had sex. The rest are all virgins, like me, and most of them haven't even kissed a guy yet. Having this has really helped me because absolutely all but one of my friends is conservative towards sex, and I have received zero pressure from any of my friends...except playful teasing from the girl who has slept with 3 guys (she is currently 16.11, btw.) All but two other of her friends have had sex and she has 6 friends who have had abortions, 3 friends who have had babies, and 3 friends with some sort of STD. >.< I am 18, btw, and my friends range between 16-20.
  6. Ideally, I want to start having children at the minimum age of 25 and the maximum age of 30. I would prefer to start at age 27. I don't mind having kids after age 30, as long as I have had at least one kid before. I am posting something I already said in a poll thread that I put up on asking people what their ideal age to get married at was. So this is my reason why I want to start a family so young: I was adopted by two wonderful people who were 44 and 45 when they adopted me. As awesome as my parents are (sometimes,) their older age has really hindered me from enjoying what I could have with them. My parents are now in their early-sixites and I am only 18! My mom has such a bad body (her back, her feet, etc,) and my dad recently got lukemia. I want to be a young parent for my children. My Grannie is 97, so my 62-year-old mom still has her mother. My Dad only lost his mother two and a half years ago. She was 92. They lost their fathers due to cancer and a horrible accident. There is no way I will have my parents past the age of 40. My Dad has lukemia so I doubt he will make it to his nineties...or maybe even eighties. And my mom does not have good genetics on her side - like her father, she is beginning to break down at a too-early age. She won't make it to 90 for sure. Her father was doing terribly even at age 77, and my mom seems to have gotten his genes. So...before I am 40, a may have already lost one parent to old age or cancer (lukemia.)
  7. I can't imagine many guys would ask me that. I mean, I think it'd automatically be assumed that I'm not. I'm 20 after all. But if the question did come up, I'd be honest and say I was a virgin and was waiting for "the one."
  8. There's part 1 and part 2. I'm an atheist but even I thought this guy had an EPIC answer to "why wait until marriage? God'll love you anyways." Something along the lines of that. Anyways, watch!
  9. No, never. My friends don't care. At least the ones who truly know me would probably die of shock if I kissed a guy outside of a serious relationship. My best friend just told me about five hours ago: "I never say never but you will never casually date." lol. That's true. And while I think all but one of my friends (she is also celibate and I'm 99% sure aromantic asexual) find my lifestyle choice to be a bit perplexing, they can't imagine me any other way.
  10. When I thought of hatred against Jews, the only things that came to mind were Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Muslims, and Arab Countries. Okay, that's a lot, too much, but I figured if someone wasn't a Neo-Nazi, or Muslim, why would they hate Jews? But I learned recently that there are Christians out there who hate Jews because "they killed Jesus." I have no clue what that means. Were his disciples Jewish or something? Anyways, is it common for Christians to hate Jews cuz we killed Jesus? I still don't know what that means though.
  11. It's no secret that the older you get, the harder it is to be a virgin. And unfortunately kids as young as 13 start to feel the pressure to have sex. This may be a weird thing to say, but I am WAY more comfortable with my virginity now (I am 19,) then I was at age 16. I thought absolutely nothing about being a virgin until I was 14. At 14 I didn't think that there was anything wrong with me being a virgin, but I felt like if I was still a virgin by age 17, that would be bad. I hated being a virgin, but I was also a closeted romantic and the thought of having sex with someone I didn't love made me feel sick. Hell, I didn't even want to date before age 20 (still don't.) When I first came onto this website (I was 18,) being a virgin was like the main reason I didn't want to WTM because I thought being a virgin was horrible at age 18, let alone over 19. Now, thanks to this awesome website, I can honestly say that those awful feelings are gone and I am so super relieved to be a virgin and I will never give my virginity away to the wrong person now. I have very little insecurity about my virginity, and I hope to keep it this way. At 19, I still feel "old" for being a virgin, but I know 500% that sex without true love would be awful for me.
  12. I know some people have classified themselves as non-religious, but that doesn't mean no beliefs. I'm just wondering if I'm the only atheist on this forum. I consider myself Jewish-Atheist, as my family has always celebrated the four major holidays but my dad raised me to have no belief in God or any sort of religion, just a healthy respect for the Jewish culture and history. Any Jewish people here? Lol.
  13. Do you think you would ever want to elope? Or would you consider it? This may sound weird for a member on this website, but I would totally consider eloping. I'm not one of those girls that dressed her Barbie dolls in wedding gowns (I never liked dolls,) or dreamed about her wedding dress, or planned out her entire wedding. If I had a wedding, I would want it to be a very small one with immediate family and close friends only. I really hate parties, and I doubt my own wedding would be an exception. I also hate dresses, so I will not be looking forward to picking out a wedding dress. A few times I have tried to get excited about the idea of a lavish wedding, or even a medium one, but I can't. My parents got married on a boat with immediate family only. I'm not even sure if my mom wore a dress. I think I'd much prefer that (again, weird for someone on this website to say.) Honestly, I'd be happy with just my parents there.
  14. Don't get me wrong: I love this website, of course. But I have to say that my all-time favourite website is Amazon. As an avid reader, I'd do just about anything to get brand new books for a cheap price. Well most hardcover books on Amazon are at least 24% off. So yeah, I spend tons of time shopping there. But I only buy hardcover books or softcover books not available at Chapters (the price difference is too slim to matter with softcovers.) Plus there are independent companies that sell manga in German over Amazon, which is great for me. What about you?
  15. My first word was duck. I was pointing at a swan though. Lol. I was one year old.
  16. This isn't a New Year's Resolution thing, I just feel like I should lose some weight to get into a more healthy range (like a size 8-10 rather than my current size 12-14.) 1. I can not afford a gym (I'm 19 and have no income) 2. Winter where I currently live gets VERY cold and snowy (so I can't do my long walks like I love doing in spring and fall.) Any ideas on healthy foods? Snacks? Just any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. I have no desire to permanently move from Canada. Vancouver, British Columbia is the best place to be in the country and while I enjoy where I am right now, I have no intention of remaining in Montreal, Quebec after I graduate university. But if I could go to a foreign place for an international exchange, it would be....Hamburg, Germany! Mainly because A) it looks like a beautiful city, B ) I know German, and C) it's close to the sea. I definitely have the opportunity at my university to go to Germany for 4-9 months, but I don't think they have any exchange partners in Hamburg. Anywhere in Germany would be great too.
  18. Sexual Harassment

    Just remember, PURITY CANNOT BE STOLEN. It can be given away or given up on but it can't be taken. The whole point of purity is that you are "pure" (don't really like that word) when you choose to keep your virginity until marriage and/or the person you love (views differ on this.) But no one can take away your purity without your concent. If you haven't done anything willingly, you haven't given up your purity. I think if a girl who is a virgin is raped, she is still raped, because rape is not sex and only sex can take away virginity (not rape, sex toys, etc.) Just my opinion. So your boyfriend may have groped you and made you feel "impure" but that doesn't make you "impure."
  19. Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment is physical touching that makes the other person feel uncomfortable. Also sexual harassment can be verbal as well.
  20. Besides America, I haven't been to another country since I was six (Mexico.) I barely remember my brief living periods in Australia and New Zealand when I was 4-5. I have always wanted to travel, and now that I am passionate about learning languages, my desire to go to foreign countries has only increased. Course I am way too scared to do anything right now (only 19,) but when I finish my undergrad, I want to do some travelling. What are your experiences with travelling? Any travelling tips you would recommend?
  21. What was your first word?

    I met a little girl whose first word was golfball.
  22. What are you majoring in?

    I'm majoring in Linguistics and minoring in German.
  23. I always thought it was really random that a forum was made for those 25+ but then I was watching an episode of New Girl and the main character, CeCe, was a 22 year old virgin and wanted to lose her virginity as soon as possible because "in 3 years I'll be 25!" And there was this article on Jezebel about being a 25 year old virgin. Is there something about virginity + being 25? Or is that all a coincidence?
  24. Because purity is still seen as beautiful and desirable in a woman. Purity in a man? That's just a strange concept. Virginity in a woman is seen as a sign as purity - she values relationships and love, she is most likely to be loyal. No man has gotten to her yet. But girls don't care about virginity in a guy because we're not taught to and because society places 0 value on it (unfortunately.) Men are more likely to want a virginal partner than women do, and women are more likely to want a financially successful partner than a man does.
  25. You can't ever know for sure until it is death, and only death, that parts you.