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    I absolutely love to read and I will blow hundreds of dollars on and Chapters Bookstore during summer vacation. But now that I am in university, I have no time to read during the school year and that makes me very sad. :( I am also an avid writer, but like reading, I have very little time for that anymore. I wrote my first trilogy, "Angels," when I was 6-8. And no, I am not at all religious, but angels always fascinated me.

    Luckily I get to study two of my hobbies in university - linguistics and languages! Yes, there is a difference between the two but I won't get into that. I am majoring in Linguistics and minoring in German.

    I would describe myself as a realist with a hint of hopeless optimist and cynical pessimist, I am always a kind person, I lack non-verbal social skills but I try, I am a loner and introverted but not cold and distant, I have selfish tendencies, I can be a bit spoiled sometimes (just ask my mom,) I am an avid daydreamer, and I can be a bit weird.

    My favourite type of food is Italian, and then maybe Japanese. I can't cook to save my life, I am super lazy in the kitchen, and I spend my monthly budget on take-out. I think this is because neither of my parents cooked and we always went to restaurants.

    My strongest traits are: loyalty, temperance, and kindness.
  1. I can't imagine many guys would ask me that. I mean, I think it'd automatically be assumed that I'm not. I'm 20 after all. But if the question did come up, I'd be honest and say I was a virgin and was waiting for "the one."
  2. There's part 1 and part 2. I'm an atheist but even I thought this guy had an EPIC answer to "why wait until marriage? God'll love you anyways." Something along the lines of that. Anyways, watch!
  3. No, never. My friends don't care. At least the ones who truly know me would probably die of shock if I kissed a guy outside of a serious relationship. My best friend just told me about five hours ago: "I never say never but you will never casually date." lol. That's true. And while I think all but one of my friends (she is also celibate and I'm 99% sure aromantic asexual) find my lifestyle choice to be a bit perplexing, they can't imagine me any other way.
  4. Sexual Harassment

    Just remember, PURITY CANNOT BE STOLEN. It can be given away or given up on but it can't be taken. The whole point of purity is that you are "pure" (don't really like that word) when you choose to keep your virginity until marriage and/or the person you love (views differ on this.) But no one can take away your purity without your concent. If you haven't done anything willingly, you haven't given up your purity. I think if a girl who is a virgin is raped, she is still raped, because rape is not sex and only sex can take away virginity (not rape, sex toys, etc.) Just my opinion. So your boyfriend may have groped you and made you feel "impure" but that doesn't make you "impure."
  5. Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment is physical touching that makes the other person feel uncomfortable. Also sexual harassment can be verbal as well.
  6. What was your first word?

    I met a little girl whose first word was golfball.
  7. My first word was duck. I was pointing at a swan though. Lol. I was one year old.
  8. What are you majoring in?

    I'm majoring in Linguistics and minoring in German.
  9. I always thought it was really random that a forum was made for those 25+ but then I was watching an episode of New Girl and the main character, CeCe, was a 22 year old virgin and wanted to lose her virginity as soon as possible because "in 3 years I'll be 25!" And there was this article on Jezebel about being a 25 year old virgin. Is there something about virginity + being 25? Or is that all a coincidence?
  10. Because purity is still seen as beautiful and desirable in a woman. Purity in a man? That's just a strange concept. Virginity in a woman is seen as a sign as purity - she values relationships and love, she is most likely to be loyal. No man has gotten to her yet. But girls don't care about virginity in a guy because we're not taught to and because society places 0 value on it (unfortunately.) Men are more likely to want a virginal partner than women do, and women are more likely to want a financially successful partner than a man does.
  11. You can't ever know for sure until it is death, and only death, that parts you.
  12. Yeah, I could do it. I don't think I am asexual but I don't think I have to have sex. Well no one HAS to have it, but you know what I mean. I think I could be perfectly happy and content in a sexless relationship. Cuddling + kissing would be enough for me!
  13. Any religion that isn't Christian is anti-Christian.
  14. Well first of all, they're atheists, so they don't believe in hell. Therefore they don't ACTUALLY think hell will be awesome cuz they don't believe in it. I'm an atheist too and like most atheists, I get frustrated with religion sometimes. I've never said stuff like that before but most likely they did so because they believe religion is all made up so "hey, let's make up stuff too: hell is an awesome place, we'll rule it, etc." They don't genuinely believe that at all. Atheists (probably especially those in religious countries,) can feel incredibly suffocated by religion. It's easy to become bitter about it and we can end up saying offensive things out of frustration that are meant to be a joke. But hey, we get told we need "saving" and are "going to Hell" and get questions like "if you're an atheist, how come you're such a good person?" So yeah...hurtful stuff works both ways here.
  15. Well I'm 20 so not a problem for me yet. But if I am still single by the age of 30 I am going to start looking into adoption and I will definitely adopt a child if I am still single by age 35. I want to have kids. And if I have to do it alone, so be it. But of course I would love to have a husband in there somewhere!