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  1. Hi Catie! Welcome to the forums! Oh my goodness, you poor thing! Your situation just sounds like a bad case of being young and innocent in the wrong place at the wrong time, to me! I don't mean to deride a situation that has brought you so much grief, but I really think that you will just end up being able to laugh long and hard down the road about what happened in those chatrooms with your future husband-to-be. Really, I think besides getting teased a bit for it, there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about. I wouldn't view you as having compromised your position on sex and marriage at all.
  2. Am I the only atheist here?

    Hey Sophie, I'm not an athiest, but I don't have any particular religous beliefs. Who knows, we may get some more athiests on here for ya yet.
  3. Alcohol??

    Oh I forgot to answer the last question, Miilliee-- Yes, I get pressured to drink all the time. Not from my good friends, but from acquaintances and/or people who tend to drink quite a bit. Apparently I have a list of people I'm supposed to call 'when I do finally start drinking' so that they can be witnesses and buy me my first round. That will never happen, lol. I don't care what choices people make, as long as they aren't harmful to others and know that they need to take responsibility for the consequences, regardless... so it baffles me that anyone would get defensive or fired up when they learn that I've chosen not to drink.
  4. Alcohol??

    Aussie! Someone else who get the 'smell' thing! I can't stand it either, I don't know why. It just makes me nauseous, not my thing. I've never had a drink and I guess I just don't see any appeal in it. Nor do I like the idea of losing awareness or control.
  5. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    I'm all shades of mutt if you look back into it... I know we have an Irish ancestor who fought in the American Revolution, and at some point someone in our history married a native American (though you'd never know it, since I'm about as white as they come), etc... but Welsh and German ancestry take the cake by far. Nationally I'm American, though we did live as expatriots in the Middle East for a number of years while I was growing up, so I'm sure third world countries had some impact on my world views.
  6. 18 y/o and waiting....

    Hi JMont, welcome to the forums! And best of luck with 'No PMO'-- hopefully we can be a positive influence on your goals, there
  7. Random suggestion in a text. . .

    Welcome AngelBrushes! We're all over the board here as far as age goes. I'm 26 myself, and the site seems to grow every single day-- I'm sure you'll fit in just great
  8. 23- SINGLE Christian Military man

    Hey armycop, welcome! Great to have you on the forums with us!
  9. Heheheh, I have no idea... Apparently I'm horrendously oblivious to this kind of stuff. My friends nudge and shake their heads at me all the time because I don't notice when I'm (allegedly) being hit on. If I'm in a store or on my way somewhere, I'm usually intent on what I want and don't really pay a ton of attention to people walking past me or sitting in the same room, etc. I'm also just friendly in general, so I tend to assume guys are just being friendly back. I find the line between 'just being friendly' and 'flirting' to be a bit confusing. On average, I think it's usually guys somewhere around my own age, but then there is also a group of overly-friendly, 60+ guys at my work who often make comments that are... interesting.
  10. 26 years of waiting and counting...

    Welcome, LTD! Go Oregon! 3 jobs and full-time schooling? That's pretty amazing! I sympathize with your work situation-- actually, the big thing with my coworkers is that they all end up sleeping around with each other... I admire you for standing your ground when it's so tough out there. Happy to have you with us!
  11. Hi

    Welcome, Nick! Great to have you on the site
  12. 26 male "super-virgin" still waiting

    Welcome, LK! You're not alone, I'm 26 as well. Those are some really gorgeous, powerful letters... There is a lucky lady somewhere out there who is going to be absolutely speechless (in a good way ) when she receives them! Welcome to the site, and I wish you all the best.
  13. Hey! I'm Nikki.

    Hey Nikki, welcome!
  14. As lovely as they can be, the ring doesn't matter to me-- I just can't get worked up about it. It could be a twist of wire and I'd still be ecstatic... kind of like Mercedes and her piece of string in the film adaptation of the Count of Monte Cristo.
  15. Ha! No way!! Congrats, you two! How exciting!