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  1. Man caves

    Hmmmmmm I guess for me its gonna be a really huge library with antique furniture around... say the early 1800s!
  2. Hello, new here

    Welcome buddy welcome to the family
  3. Easter

    Hey Happy Easter to everyone here! Enjoy the day
  4. Hello everybody!(:

    Hey Destinee! Welcome!!
  5. Yes, I am an open book. Although I don't go around preaching it however, I don't believe in keeping it a secret either!
  6. Hello from a husband

    Waao! Sir, welcome! We can look up to successful ones like you!
  7. From lurker to member... Hi

    Great to have you among us Belle Welcome to the family!
  8. praying openly in public places

    Why hide your prayer!! Why not show the world there are still believers!
  9. Prayer Requests For A Baby

    I shared it with all my near and dear ones... but it wont let me donate!! Grrrrrrr...
  10. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.
  11. Hello, from new member!

    Welcome! Glad you took the step forward!
  12. Hi, I'm new from OK.

    Welcome Andrea Well finding the right person can be hard be it for the waiters or non-waiters. However, we need to keep faith on ourselves and hope for the best to come. The moment we loose hope, everything is lost! We believe in supporting each other in this family through the thick and thin, so that we don't throw in the towel at some weak moment! Be strong... you may be closer to bumping into Mr.Right sooner than you think! All the best. See you around.
  13. Never too late to start over! Welcome to the site... there are are many here who started life afresh! All the best with your journey and I hope you get all the support & friends you need from the WTM family! Everyone feels down or vulnerable at some point in their lives. However, the key is to be there for each other through the thick and thin, that is what we do here! Glad you decided to share your thoughts with us. It was worth a read!! See you around.
  14. Yes! If you really want to be with him, talk to him about it asap or else the relationship may really fall apart. Delays will only worsen the situation!
  15. Well I have always been big on Switzerland!! However, I wont shove my decision down my partner's throat & would love to talk about it... but I do have a feeling that with Switzerland, she would not have any qualms! lol