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  1. Yes(!) to everything you said above, especially this:
  2. Warning: Phishing site

  3. Could you live with an astronaut?

    Yes, I would be okay with it. I need solitude to rest and recharge, so I would actually enjoy having weeks or months at a time to do my own thing while my partner was away. That's why the idea of long distance relationships has never really phased me. I also like the idea of living-apart-together (LAT), but that's a topic that should probably have its own thread.
  4. Older men will be able to go into girls bathrooms in alberta

    Agreed. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: https://youtu.be/hmoAX9f6MOc?t=9m11s
  5. I'm no longer waiting till marriage....

    I appreciate your honesty. Waiting can be a complicated, difficult, and long process and I think it's understandable for people to question their decision to wait (and to change their mind about it), especially if they've been waiting for a very long time. Waiting isn't a black and white issue for everyone. For many people, there are many shades of grey to consider. Especially if one's reason for waiting doesn't come from religion or some other authority figure. I know I've thought about waiting only until I'm in a serious relationship (or engagement) instead of waiting for marriage, since I don't think sex before marriage is wrong and my own decision to wait stems more from my personal comfort level regarding physical affection than anything else. For the foreseeable future, though, I'd like to continue waiting. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I know what it's like to doubt one's decision to wait and I think it's best for people in this situation to be able to talk about it and to know they're not alone, than to say nothing and feel like no one else is thinking the same thing.
  6. Guys with long eye lashes

    I LOVE long eyelashes on a guy! And I'm also jealous of them, haha.
  7. Natural family planning : what do you think?

    Glad I'm not the only one. IUDs all the way!
  8. Ask an Atheist!

    I have seen the movie (and really liked it), but I don't see what it has to do with religion or atheism/agnosticism.
  9. Bahaha! Where you at, Lime?
  10. Ask an Atheist!

    This is exactly how I feel. I'll also add that my disbelief in an afterlife pushes me to make the most of my time, both with regard to my own pursuits and how I spend time with those I love, because after my life is over... that's it. There's no second chance to do the things I wanted to do or say the things I wanted to say, so if I'm going to do something, I have to do it now.
  11. Ask an Atheist!

    Wondering about heaven and what happens after death reminds me of this Louis CK monologue on SNL The heaven bit starts around 3:30 (he goes on to talk about atheists and God as well)