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  1. I totally agree with the author here. I think these are the issues one should sort out before heading into a relationship. Otherwise it will be a drama filled relationship. It's selfish on both parties involved in relationships like these. These men or women with the issues shouldn't be sitting around and wait for a future S/O to come in and help them solve their issues for them. It's almost like testing a future partner's love and patience. Meanwhile women or men who are drawn to people with issues are also a bit iffy- it's like a part of them wants to feel like a hero after they rescue someone. It's almost like they need that sort of validation.
  2. What brings you fulfillment?

    FOOD always brings me short term fulfillment Hanging out with friends/family for hours on end, just laughing and talking brings me sooo much fulfillment as well. also working out, even just a 10 minute run. endorphin rush and all that. Just the knowledge that I have family and friends to love and care for, and that they love and care for me too makes feel truly fulfilled, in a deeper more long term way Also, thinking about my future goals and thinking of the steps to take to achieve them makes me feel fulfilled as well.
  3. Favorite Horror Movies

    Insidious Cabin in the woods The Exorcist The Grudge The Ring Rec (the Spanish version) - This one was more gory than scary though I have heard that the Conjuring is realllly scary and I think I would add it to this list once i watch it. Also, the orphanage. The best way to spend a night- curled up on the couch/bed (with a blanket, so you can cover your eyes when you need to) with a group of friends watching horror movies That being said, I would never ever watch any horror movie by myself.
  4. Men Making Decisions

    My kinda thing would be each person gives their 100% to the marriage. All the major decisions- house buying, interior designing, finances etc will have to be joint decisions. The whole problem with the whole dominant and submissive thing is, if one person feels like he/she is not being heard or that he/she is lesser than the other, he/she will most likely subconsciously built up resentment. It'll come out in other ways- passive aggressiveness and is overall not healthy at all. I know I wouldn't like that very much (being submissive). I wouldn't go out of my way to pick fights, but I will speak up whenever I feel the need to. Likewise, I'd expect the same from my husband and if he is not speaking up enough, I'd start to worry. Speaking your mind at all times (as bluntly or politely as you can) speaks volumes about how much you care about the relationship. Division of decisions is fine but one person making majority of the decisions and one person making next to none is not just unfair, its extremely inefficient. One person will appear to be relaxed on the outside but building up resentment inside and the other will just be frustrated and stressed out all the time even if they don't admit it.
  5. I personally believe in LOA and stuff like that to a certain extent. I think its pretty much purely a perspective thing. Bad things happen to good people and bad people, but the optimistic ones only look at the bright side. Does it actually help their cause and things magically improve? Frankly, who knows? Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. But i think its worth a shot. Once you believe its possible, you'll take the steps in the direction you want to go. You guys are absolutely right, just wishing something to happen doesn't do much, gotta work on it. BUT without first believing in the possibility, you might not even try. Gotta try with those dreams, and even if you fail, gotta keep trying again and again.That's life, at least to me. I must point out that I don't agree that everything in the world is a result of what you believe (i.e attracting bad things in your life). Lots of awful things happen to good people all the time. But believing that things will work out eventually will give a person the strength to deal with the pain and move on from it. We're all hardwired to be rationally optimistic. Its why our species evolved so much. When it comes to love and marriage, for most of us, there is a part of us that KNOWS we won't be alone forever. Otherwise we would be on a site named 'Given up on marriage' not 'waiting till marriage'. Am i right?
  6. What Impresses You?

    completely agree! random acts of kindness are always noticed & appreciated A funny guy would most definitely catch my attention right away. Any joke (however lame) is still cute and I will appreciate him trying to make me laugh.
  7. Favorite musical genre?

    Classical - Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, anime soundtracks (ALL of Ghibli studio soundtracks by Joe Haishimi - Spirited away, Princess Mononoke, The wind rises, Castle in the sky...) I could listen to these time and time again Pop/Rock- Catchy tunes on the radio which i forget about soon enough. Techno/ EMD/ Electro/House - Armin, Hardwell, Tiesto. Best study/work music, gets me all pumped up! I would not attend those music festivals though. Too many sweaty people, way too loud and you have to pay $10 for a water bottle. Screw that.
  8. hahah sink booty is soooo hilariousss, and now that I know, I realized that a fair number of my facebook friends do it too! I try not taking pics posted by people on social media seriously, I always thought most of these are just for a laugh. I think most ppl tend to want attention from the opposite sex, but most haven't figured out how (through my booty? abs? Triceps? wit? Can i completely depend on my wit?), so they go what the hell, just try it all. lol That is, until they fall for someone for their heart and their brain and that someone gets to know them on a deeper and falls for their heart and brain as well. Once that happens (true love ), they'll just realize that love really does not have much to do w sex appeal at all. This takes some people a little while to figure it out and others a bit longer. People tend to get there eventually. Your friend will get there too, you shouldn't worry too much. us WTMers, we get there early So i guess I wouldn't rule a guy out if he had some shirtless selfies on his facebook page. I would want to talk to him and see if he had any other interests other than physical fitness and girls and is not actually a complete narcissist. If those are the only things he talks about, I'd rule him out. Sometimes we can be surprised by people.
  9. Should Men Give Up Porn?

    Can`t find the source right now- but I remember reading somewhere that excessive porn watching forms neutral networks in your brain that are extremely difficult to re-configure. Its quite similar to drug addiction in a sense. Drug addiction can be cured by going cold turkey (being put in a drug rehab place with absolutely no availability of said drug). Can`t do that with porn though, since its pretty easily available anywhere you go. I don`t think watching it once in a while has too much of an effect on a person. But a few times a week for several weeks can make a guy (or a girl too) to subconsciously not feel sexually stimulated unless the 2-D visual is right in front of them during sexy times. Replacing someone 3-D and beautiful with a 2-D image is honestly so sad imho.
  10. When would you like 'xyz' to happen?

    I just graduated university at 23, so now I would love to just get my career in line and pay off most of my student loans in the next 2-3 yrs. Being financially secure (primarily paying off the student loans and saving up some substantial money for my parents' retirement in the next few years) is one of the things I would prefer to do before I get married. I hope to meet Mr Right in these years and get married at around 26-27. Two-three years of companionship before having kids would be ideal, but if it happens suddenly, all the better
  11. Serious discussion : rape culture

    this is so disturbing:( I really do hope that someone steps up for the girl and those jerks end up in jail. I'm afraid for our generation and how deeply apathetic they are to other people and their pain. How did they not even realize it's rape? The desensitizing of our culture is so far gone that sociopathy is becoming the new norm. The whole 'It didn't happen to me, so who gives a sh*t'- its hilarious!' train of thought is sociopathy at its worst.
  12. Fear of driving

    I am just learning how to drive and it is definitely scary. More specifically, the things that surprised me most about driving is how intuitive you have to be (i.e making the perfect degree turns, stopping at the right spot) and how much control you have to have on the gas and brakes. I was shocked at how sensitive the gas pedal is The only way to improve is tonnes of tonnes of practice. Hopefully soon I'll feel like you girls NicoleNova and OHG
  13. hey Kailey! definitely! When I have been in arguments which has come to the point where the other person is basically yelling at me, I have walked away. Let things cool down a bit and then came back and talk things through again. It works with some people. However, most people find it disrespectful to walk away and not listen to their side of the argument. I think its part of a normal relationship to get angry/upset at people over disagreements. The important thing is to clear it up and not let it fester for long. I'm quite non-confrontational and find it hard to stand there and complete the argument when I reach a certain threshold of being upset (and I sense the other person reaching that threshold too). But I think its a much healthier to actually not walk away and talk things out until you reach a compromise or a midpoint. I'm still working on it and I have gotten much better. Hope this helps
  14. heyy! welcome to the site! I am waiting till marriage due to so many reasons religion being one of them. Primarily, I am waiting because I believe that sex is the most intimate experience to share with another person and to mess around with this sort of intricate bond with anyone other than the man I will be married to doesn't sit very well with me. This way, when I will be in a serious relationship, I will focus on the non-physical part, the deeper and grittier parts of a relationship that would help me determine if this person is someone I should consider marrying or not. Hopefully, this will help with choosing the right partner and share the best and most extraordinary experiences with him only. VirginList sounds like a pretty cool idea!
  15. Hiiii!

    Thank you all! Amarillo and Bluey, YAYY for being hopless romantics! PaulJustPaul, YAYY for being Canucks!